Letter: Propaganda for ‘windustry’

The recent story in The Lima News, “Harnessing our wind power,” gave me a great dose of laughter, it being a strong propaganda piece for the Ohio industrial ‘windustry.’

What the article failed to tell readers, is that even though Ohio may rank in the top 10 for installed wind capacity, this information is absolutely worthless. Why? Because the windustry could blanket our entire state and still not produce a lot of energy.

Ohio is not very windy and the existing industrial wind energy sites have very poor production statistics. State Senator Cliff Hite, who represents the counties which currently have or will soon build turbines, will soon present a piece of legislation to significantly reduce the protective setbacks between a turbine and a neighboring land owner. I believe this article was written with this information in mind. There is a lot that this article failed to tell readers. For instance:

• Families in Paulding have been torn apart because of disagreements over this issue.

• Some Van Wert residents suffer serious sleep deprivation.

• At least one Ada turbine has been at a standstill with maintenance issues.

• Honda has already replaced both of its turbines, less than five years old.

• Van Wert has a graveyard for blades, as maintenance plagues the machines.

• In Indiana, every single school district with an industrial wind site has declined in pupil population; that equals a lot of lost cash for the districts.

I could go on, but there isn’t enough space. The windustry wants you, the reader, to believe that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They are here for our cash, which the government hands them prior to ever turning on a turbine. Let your legislators know that you want them to say no to Ohio Senator Cliff Hite.

Dawn Davis, Spencerville

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