Letter: What does media think (if it thinks)

Results of a variety of polls suggest that the public approval ratings of the national media coverage are at historic lows. With all the technology, experience and lessons of the past, how did this come to be?

Sensationalism by design is slammed at our fears. Accuracy pushed aside, all to grab our weaknesses. Fears of being in pain, of being treated unfairly, of being alone, or embarrassed. Scared of making errors, and being separated from our friends and loved ones. All of which are serious, and often times sorrowful circumstances in our lives

Why does the media emphasize these stories? Why do they create animosity and separation among the people? Why do they chase stories that exploit our failures? What does it say about the national media leaders impression of us as a people? Do they believe we like these stories the best?

It seems that NBC, ABC, CNN, and FOX leaders believe we feel better about ourselves, when we see errors, pain and embarrassing mistakes of others.

Maybe they like the fallout of separating groups, so one group can feel superior over another group.

Well, I can tell you: Most of our world looks at our fellow man with love and understanding. I believe that most us are very much the same, and this “sameness” is a wonderful aspect among us all. We all need each other to create a caring community for all to benefit.

Trust me — a media agenda aimed at community and common ground — will serve all of us better than what we have now — you don’t need to take my word, just look at the ratings and for God’s sake – change.

Bill Stolly, Lima


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