Letter: No greater hate than abortion

Human beings have a free will to choose right or wrong, love or hate. However, our choices have consequences.

We know the right choices are based upon true love. Jesus gave us two commandments (not suggestions): 1) love God above all else and 2) love each other as Jesus loved us. Jesus loved us to the point of dying for us. Jesus also taught that there is no greater love than for a person to lay down one’s own life for another. So, the greatest love is to rank self below love of God and others. What a different and greater world would result from this choice.

This makes the opposite also true: There is no greater hate than to lay down another’s life for self. Abortion does this, so there is no greater hate than abortion. Millions participate in the abortion culture by being patients, providers, promoters, supporters, or indifferent or by ranking other issues as more important. The abortion and “pro-choice” culture ranks love of self above God and others.

Unbelievers and believers alike are adversely affected by the choice for the greatest hate. Abortion breeds a culture of hate and death. A culture cold and selfish enough to brutally kill the smallest human being for self is a culture that can easily choose hooliganism, abuse, assault, rape, murder, theft, cheating, racism, et al. The news highlights these consequences. This is the abortion culture’s pro-choice movement: promote the choice of greatest hate.

So, which choice provides a better America for our children and grandchildren: a culture based on greatest love or a culture based on greatest hate?

James Powell, Lima

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