Letter: Too much sympathy for criminals in prison

After reading the article by Mr. Thomas Lucente Jr. dated July 30, I have come to realize that a criminal has more rights than the victim. In saying this, I have heard the rationale that it is less expensive to keep a criminal in prison for life than to remove that person from society. What I would be interested in knowing is what is the actual cost per year for life imprisonment, with all the health care, prison guards, housing costs, lawyer fees and whatever else the prisoner has that the taxpayer does not have access to. Let us see those numbers instead of just words.

Then give the public the exact cost to remove that same person from society and the possibility of being released back into society to commit crimes again. The idea that a criminal has the access to lawyers for the lifetime they are imprisoned at the cost of the taxpayers is not fair to the society that they have committed the crime against.

You read in the paper that our veterans have to fight to get good health care and have to travel many miles to achieve it at times, then we hear prisoners have in-house dental, prescription and medical care and lawyers at their door.

You also mentioned that 53 prisoners have been executed in Ohio since the turn of the century. What about the 53 million babies that have been murdered (abortion) since 1973, do you have the same sympathy for their lives as you do for the ones that the state removes from our society for the protection of the public?

Edward Klaus



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