Let’s watch out for each other

I think its past due for Lima and surrounding areas to come together.

What is asked of you is to “watch” and be part of the solution. Let others know their actions have consequences. If you see someone breaking in a home, car, or maybe a stranger walking that has not been seen before in your neighborhood make sure you report it. One day, it might be you needing that same help.

Acts of crime in Lima have gotten way out of hand. There are so many reasons for all this to be happening. There are too many parents burying children. This is supposed to be the other way around. There are too many young men getting guns before even being able to drive a car?

There are block watch signs all over town, yet no one watching. I want this to be an all out effort to save young people especially. Let everyone know your apart of this effort and your not going to sit on your hands any longer and just watch from a distance.

This effort won’t end everything that’s going on overnight; it has to be an all out effort from every single person. It would surely help all of us.

Jon M. Rogers, Lima

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