Letter: Don’t buy what Lucente preaches

Once again, I have to disagree with Thomas J. Lucente, whose last article laments that we in the United States continue to lose our liberty because of Presidents Adam, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and oh yes, “The Leftist” and/or “The Progressives.”

While I’m sure that Mr. Lucente and I could agree on hundreds of thousands of minor laws (mainly enacted to collect fees) to be rid of, I object to his inaccurate conclusion that Progressive desire control by government. If anything, Progressives are well aware that one can never trust the government completely and we must always be on alert about what the government is or is not doing.

Mr. Lucente states “Americans understood that the proper role of government was to protect individual rights and nothing more.” Frankly, history has shown us that “individual rights” were meant only for white men, and even when The Bill of Rights were finally on paper, I suspect most American Indians, people of any color but white, and women have had to fight and continue to fight for what some call unalienable rights from government abuse.

The Bill of Rights is written in general terms rather than listing specific limited rights. Court cases have over time caused more and more of the non-male, non-straight, non-white population to eventually be protected and included in The Bill of Rights. There is still much work to be done, however.

The crux of my disagreement with Mr. Lucente, is that he doesn’t want to expand the original meaning of individual rights but keep those rights limited to each individual’s desire.

Michelle L. Baumeister, Lima


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