Letter: We lived the dream

Trilogy, owner of Richland Manor, has a foundation that grants wishes to its residents. We were given the most precious gift. Trilogy paid for our “Renewal of Vows” Dream Wedding.

My husband Harold Van Meter is a resident at Richland Manor, Bluffton, Ohio. I am an employee there.

This year will be our 35th anniversary. Harold has never worn a wedding ring. His work for 43 years involved working with his hands.

A while back he asked for a wedding ring that matched mine. I was able to get one that matched mine.

I proposed to him when I placed it on his finger. Jokingly I asked what he’d wear to our wedding. “Well a tux of course”. He was serious as a heart attack.

I asked the Life Enrichment Director about having a small ceremony, to renew our vows. Just to please him.

She took us to the Facility Director, between both of them it became a “Live a Dream”.

All the staff and support staff were amazing. Everything flowers, food, a tent for the reception…all furnished. A dear friend renewed our vows; another made the most beautiful cake and cupcakes.

A nurse’s neighbor, Amy Mortimer took pictures. All at no cost to us.

A perfect day spent with loving family and friends. (48/50 was able to make it). All of our new family, the residents of the nursing home were there. They picked out which dress I wore and helped me make flower arrangements.

I am still getting goose bumps every time I think about it. Harold is in a wheelchair most of the time. We’re fighting a losing battle with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This day he stood tall and proud.

Thank you Trilogy! I haven’t seen him that excited for a very long time.

“We lived the Dream”

Karen L. Van Meter, Lima

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