Letter: Time to take a stand

After the recent shooting at a congressional baseball practice in the DC area, I have decided that I can no longer be silent about recent trends. I believe it is time for conservatives to stand up, to become more vocal and vigorously defend our way of life, established by the authors of this nation. Many of us did not agree with former President Obama and his policy, but did we violently riot, or assault our opposition.

We see our Constitutional rights to bear arms being assaulted daily by the press and Democratic politicians. Our right to free speech is being threatened or called hate speech. The freedom to speak and follow Biblical teachings is being assaulted. Common sense has vanished when gender lines are no longer certain to the point where we can not ensure the safety of our children in locker rooms and bathrooms. There will soon be no more right or wrong but a mish-mash of blurred rules, laws and regulation where everyone will be able to do what “feels right” to them.

Where will this madness end? How long can followers of Christ continue to be silent while the squeaky wheel gets all the attention from the press! The indoctrination of our youth by socialist left ideologues has mostly succeeded and if we don’t make a stand now, it will soon be too late for this once Great Nation!

Mark King, Celina

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