Letter: A history of strong women at the Allen County Museum

The Allen County Museum and Historical Society is one of the finest county museums in Ohio. It is the only county museum in Ohio to be accredited with the American Alliance of Museums and receives hundreds of guests every year from outside the county, state, and even country. But within this vast repository of history and local lore, stands the individuals who run and oversee its maintenance and care. These individuals range from the volunteer driven docents, to the curators, all the way to the Board and executive director.

If we look at the staff on site however, you may notice an interesting statistic: almost all of them are women. More than that, these women are the finest in their fields, with years of experience and dedication to museums and expanding the arts. Their commitment to the preservation of history and expanding it into the community is evident in every event put on.

But of course, we should not forget the lone male who is lucky enough to be surrounded by such knowledgeable staff as well. This letter is not to make a statement on the history of gender in the work place, simply an emphasis that this institution is one of the finest in the state and is staffed by women who should be recognized and highlighted for their accomplishments. The county certainly thanks all the staff, board, docents, and volunteers, male and female, who come together to bring our students, residents, and guests a rich and vibrant experience.

Logan Rex, Lima

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