Letter: A challenge for football teams

I recall the year I graduated from Lima Senior High. It was 1976. The last day of classes our principal visited all the classrooms. He wanted to tel all the students to be careful over the summer. I don’t know where he got his facts, but he said, every year someone from our senior class wouldn’t be returning from summer break. Sure enough, that fall when school started, we had lost three. Two to auto accidents and one to a drowning. My heart truly goes out to any parents who lost children for any reason at any time.

We have some awesome sports teams in Lima and Allen County. At least 10 high schools. They all compete for bragging rights on the football field. My challenge is for all the football teams in and around Allen County to participate in something much bigger. Give blood at your local Red Cross. What better way to be able to brag about your team. The gift of life. A day before both teams compete on the football field, go down and donate blood. Both teams together, even players, coaches, cheerleaders, band members and even parents. You get the idea. That’s my challenge to all the schools and teams in the area.

I’ll be watching the newspaper to see who wont that weekend in both. This is a much bigger playing field, the one called life. My blood type is B+ (positive).

Good luck and may the better team win.

— Jon Rogers, Lima

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