Letter: Letter writer left out facts

I would like to add some facts to Robert Dotson’s letter (“GOP cries; Democrats work,” Tuesday, page 6A).

Under President Barack Obama, private-sector jobs have gained while public-sector jobs have declined significantly. Jobs in health care, food service and temps make for more than 60 percent of the jobs created since Obama took office, while thousands of construction workers, manufacture workers and government employees have lost their jobs.

Unemployment is down, but long term unemployment, more than 27 weeks is up, while 45 percent more Americans are receiving food stamps and the welfare tab is $1 trillion and rising as of 2014.

Inflation has remains low, held back by lack of wage increases. The Dow Jones is up, depending on 401(k)s, not sure how many Americans that affects, especially younger Americans. Home prices may have returned, but home ownership is down. The auto industry is up with the help of lower gas prices and easier credit.

Finally, the federal debt is more than $19.4 trillion and has grown more during Obama’s presidency than under all previous U.S. presidents combined.

Thank goodness his golf game is doing well.

— Janet Bohmer, Lima

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