Letter: Laws for us; laws for Hillary

The continuing saga of the Clinton email scandal goes on and on. This is a national tragedy of an immense scale. It is the revelation about people who do not live nor are subject to the laws that govern the rest of us.

It is a two-fold tragedy. The first part is the breakdown of the criminal justice system of this nation. The importance of law and order in leading with the myriad breaking of federal laws.

The second part is that anyone who has knowledge of the program of classified material handling and grading, cannot step up to the podium and describe all the violations Hillary Clinton and her aides perpetrated. It would be the breaking of oaths and signing of legal paperwork swearing not to divulge any of those procedures. In essence, they would be incriminating themselves.

If anyone else had broken those procedures just one time, they would have been arrested, prosecuted and jailed! Yet Hillary Clinton is getting away with it.

During my 20 years of active duty in Naval Aviation, I held a NATO Top Secret clearance and handled highly classified documents for over 12 years. Several times I was required to handle materials that were normally done by higher ranking personnel.

Military classified material procedures were covered by the same federal statues and the UCMJ articles.

Hillary Clinton didn’t just make a mistake, she knowingly broke those laws many times.

— Darryl L. Hinkle, Spencerville

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