Letter: Violent bars aren’t the real problem

I saw a headline in the July 21 The Lima News that the city of Lima is going after violent local bars. Wow that is right up there with banning all guns because a criminal used a gun to shoot someone or commit a robbery.

Funny, I cannot remember the last time I saw a Violent Bar grab a gun and shoot someone. I suppose the Violent Bars are getting their guns from the same Fairgrounds Gun Show that Derry Glenn warned us about.

Really, folks as a former bar/night club owner for 14 years, my bar never shot anyone. But is easier to blame the bar and the owners than the thug-centered violent element that is infesting our youth in Lima, Ohio.

So let’s put the blame on the bars. It’s much more convenient to focus the public’s attention on them than it is to tackle the much more difficult job of breaking up the local drug gangs and placing the blame for the constant shootings and stabbings where it belongs.

— Kenneth E Harris


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