Letter: Atheist an asset on high court

“Democracy works best when everyone’s voice is heard” is but one of the tenets of the upcoming Reason Rally 2016 being held in Washington D.C. this June.

I think this statement holds true for selecting the next Supreme Court justice as well.

After reading an article in the April issue of “Freethought Today” by Lawrence Krauss, I learned that the late Antonin Scalia wrote that the Supreme Court is “strikingly unrepresentative” of America as a whole. It seems that all the current justices proclaim to be Catholic or Jewish. According to Pew Research Center, 21 percent of American adults declare themselves Catholic while 23 percent say that they have no religious affiliation at all. So if there are more atheist/agnostic then Catholic or Jewish adults in America, shouldn’t this group be represented by the highest court in the land?

Seeing that the laws of the land are secular based on a secular document it makes perfect sense that the next Supreme Court justice should be a person of secular principles and reasoning. When controversial moral decisions need to be made, an atheist would be an asset by not having any religious dogma as a distraction which actually has no bearing on human rights or deciphering the Constitution of the United States.

— Lynn Gratz, Lima

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