Letter: Easy choice for Putnam sheriff

Three Republicans have entered the March 15th primary election to run for Putnam County sheriff. The fourth candidate running is a lifetime Republican running as an independent.

The one candidate who stands out above all is Republican Brian Siefker.

Siefker is one of the most respected, honorable, trustworthy, humble, honest, hardworking individuals I have ever encountered. His entire life has been of service to his family, county and country.

As a young man Siefker joined and served honorably in the United States Marine Corp. Returning to Putnam County after his military service, he started his career with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. Through his 23-year career at the sheriff’s office, Siefker has worked his way through the ranks to become captain. It is now time for the people of Putnam County to thank Siefker for his hard work, service and devotion to Putnam County by electing him to the position of Putnam County Sheriff.

Brian Siefker has spent years serving the county while continuing to educate himself thru training and leadership. He is selfless, thoughtful, compassionate; yet firm and processional. As captain he has impeccable leadership abilities and is respectful when dealing with his fellow deputies, county administration and the general public. These are all qualities that will make him an excellent sheriff.

— Carol Fortman Bunn, Columbus Grove

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