Letter: Keep finger on Washington

Reading the editorials in The Lima News is disconcerting. Our country is suffering on so many levels: excessive government regulation, excessive spending, excessive entitlement programs, historical drop in labor force participation and the invasion of our country by hundreds of thousands of illegals, many whose goal is not to assimilate into our culture but to destroy the western way of life.

I believe, American’s felt their civic duty was to vote. Once that lever was pulled, button pushed and oval darkened; we went back to our daily lives allowing those we elected free reign to do as they please without much consequence. Evidence of this is every political place we look.

Decades of political correctness have stifled many opinions. Politicians pander to the groups they are speaking to at the moment and are beholden to the special interest groups who fund their campaigns which seems to be worth more than the average American’s one vote.

Donald Trump is speaking to those people who believe their vote does count and they have been ignored for far too long. Donald Trump has finally brought to the table a conversation this country has needed for a very long time. Bernie Sanders has resonated for the very same reason.

At some point the Republicans and Democrats need to work to do what is right for this country and not what is right for their next election cycle. It is important for elected officials do what is right for their community instead of writing a grant for a project to “fix” a particular area while the rest of community is overrun with unabated blight year after year. Remember those grants are our tax dollars!!

We, The People, are not only charged with voting for our elected officials but to insure they are monitored and hold them accountable for their actions.

— LuAnn Lause, Lima

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