Letter: Once great U.S. remains great

Regarding Annette Miller’s letter on Sept. 11, “GOP’s sleeping.”

No one is asking anyone to change your Christian beliefs. Since when is change to become more inclusive destroying a “once great country.”

I look at many of our country’s changes as good things: Where all races have a right to vote, and where women have rights we didn’t have during previous generations.

Americans have many different beliefs; religious, cultural, moral, etc. and I believe it is the fact that we are so diverse that makes our country so strong.

You may think if only people would believe the way you do that your country would be greater. I disagree. The laws of the land become greater when they become more inclusive of all people. It’s too bad you can’t handle this diversity.

My Christian beliefs are not threatened through the inclusion of those who don’t share in my beliefs.

Our country is great because we evolve as a nation. Civil rights, feminine rights, immigration and many more important issues draw us into the importance of voting on issues that matter.

Our nation isn’t great because of its past, but because we pursue the greater good.

— Mary Herr, Ottawa

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