Letter: Trump is conflict waiting to happen

Voting for Donald Trump as the Republican candidate is a huge mistake. As history teaches, it is not a great idea to follow someone solely based on personality, and Trump’s rhetoric is not backed by substance. The two policies he proposes:

• Make Mexico pay for a big wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.

• Send special forces on the ground to fight ISIS and cut off their funding by taking all of the oil for ourselves.

Not only does this sound childish, but it’s unreasonable and unattainable within the confines of presidential power.

How does Trump expect Mexico to pay for the wall?

Stealing Mid-Eastern oil is not a very popular idea.

Trump is divisive, not someone who can reach across the aisle. It seems every other phrase coming out of Trump’s mouth creates division. Is this the quality of a good leader?

Was Reagan famous for making enemies or friends? Did Franklin Roosevelt help win World War II by openly criticizing and dividing his fellow Allied leaders, or was it by being diplomatic?

Trump has already created conflict between himself and Fox News, the leading conservative news source. Imagine what troubles would arise between Trump and a Democratic Congress.

— Daniel Painter, Cairo

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