Nonprofit wages

Information pulled for this list is taken from a geographic-based search of IRS 990s — the public-facing form required to be filed by nonprofits that includes compensation for high-level employees.

Data includes name, title, year when the form was filed, yearly receipts and gross assets of the organization for that year. Names added to the list were pulled from Lima-based nonprofits reporting annual receipts above $1 million. Those reported with less than $10,000 were omitted from the database.

Note: Total compensation includes the reported income from the filing organization as well as income from related organizations to the filing organization, added here as a second compensation column. For example, employees compensated by the Rhodes State College Foundation — a separate nonprofit from Rhodes State College — would report direct income from the foundation as well as income that comes from Rhodes State College in its 990.

Those interested in searching for tax-exempt organizations not on the list can do so at

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