Letter:Put yourself in their shoes

I was among the activists who visited the Allen County Patriots meeting in which Congressman Jim Jordan held a question and answer session. We were dressed in black and wore name tags with the names of the 17 students and teachers who were killed at the high school in Parkland, Florida. We were graciously admitted even though we had not been invited.

When the topic of bad guys with guns came up I had to speak up and Mr. Jordan was considerate in calling on me. I stated that there were two parts of the single sentence of the Second Amendment. The first part states that a well regulated militia is necessary for security of our country. We no longer have a need for a militia since we now have the army that George Washington could not afford and we have the national and State Guards. Since the reason for having a militia no longer exists one might suppose that the right to bear arms might not exist either.

What I regret not doing was to put them through a simple exercise. I have noticed that people who are convinced of an idea often change their mind when that belief suddenly runs contrary to their family situation. I wish I had asked them to “Close your eyes and imagine that I am standing in front of you with the name of your grandchild on my name tag. Recall how you would have felt when you heard the news that a shooting had happened here in Lima, Kalida or Defiance.

Would an experience such as this change how you felt regarding the possession of a gun meant to kill people in a war setting by the general population?

Marjorie Castanien, Defiance

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