Shawnee announces prom court

John Barker

John Barker

Harley Beaulieu

Harley Beaulieu

Emelia Brenneman

A.J. Brown

Katie Clark

Preston Cox

Madison Downing

Kelsey Fischbach

Howie Perkins

Peyton Wilson

SHAWNEE TOWNSHIP — Shawnee schools didn’t hold a prom this year, but that didn’t stop them from naming its prom court and king and queen.

A.J. Brown was selected as prom king. Kelsey Fischbach was the queen.

Other members of the court included John Barker, Harley Beaulieu, Emelia Brenneman, Katie Clark, Preston Cox, Madison Downing, Howie Perkins and Peyton Wilson.

John Barker Barker
Harley Beaulieu Beaulieu
Emelia Brenneman Brenneman
A.J. Brown Brown
Katie Clark Clark
Preston Cox Cox
Madison Downing Downing
Kelsey Fischbach Fischbach
Howie Perkins Perkins
Peyton Wilson Wilson

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