Elida fares well at OMEA contest

ELIDA —Elida High School was well represented at the Ohio Music Education Association District 3 Solo & Ensemble Contest on Saturday at Lima Senior High School.

The following musicians received an Excellent, or Rating of 2:

Class C: Chloe Parent (Vocal Solo), Ashlyn Bockey (Clarinet Solo), Emma Hanes (Clarinet Solo), Caylah Miller (Alto Saxophone Solo), Chloe Parent (Euphonium Solo), Woodwind Quartet with members Cheyanne Pack and Gabbie Overholtz, Flutes, and Ashlyn Bockey and Emma Hanes, Clarinets)

Class B: Alison Campbell (Piano Solo), Katie Wright (French Horn Solo), Zoey Rizor (Snare Solo)

Class A: Molly Wright (Flute Solo), Alison Campbell (Clarinet Solo)

The following musicians received a Superior, or Rating of 1:

Class C: Eden Troyer (Flute Solo), Mya Risner (Flute Solo)

Class B: Madison Burkholder (Oboe Solo), Cale Wright (Alto Saxophone Solo), Madison Burkholder (Tenor Saxophone), Woodwind Trio with members Molly Wright (Flute), Madison Burkholder (Oboe) and Alison Campbell (Clarinet)

Class A: Madison Burkholder (Violin Solo), Madison Burkholder (Viola Solo), Ethan Bowersock (Euphonium),

Solo and ensemble vocal ratings included:

Excellent Rating Class C: Eja Roberts

Superior Rating Class C: Kayley Arseneau, Meghan Pepple, Esmerelda Flores, MJ Glenn

Excellent Rating Class B: Emalee Cunningham

Superior Rating Class B: Hunter Brendle, Alyssa Stiles, Anika Taylor

Excellent Rating Class A: Laura Coil, Shyanne Iten

Superior Rating Class A: Ryan Vetters


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