Elida Latin students take national exam

ELIDA — Elida High School Latin students took the 2019 National Latin Exam, and there were 13 award winners this year. The exam is given to more than 143,000 Latin students from all 50 states and 24 foreign countries.

Latin I- Cum Laude- Connor McGinnis (11)

Latin II- Magna Cum Laude- Hassan Bolden (9)

Cum Laude- Conner Douglass (9), Cody Crates (9), Tyler Long (10)

Latin III- Silver Maxima Cum Laude- Tommy Williamson (10), Micah Shilling (10), Zoey Ludington (10)

Magna Cum Laude- Alana Shurelds (11), Emma Laux (10)

Latin IV- Silver Maxima Cum Laude- Alyssa Stiles (11)

Cum Laude- Jaden Hullinger (11), Alavon McDonald (12)


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