General election voters approve 69% of school tax issues

COLUMBUS — Voters across Ohio approved 121 of 175 public school district tax issues during Tuesday’s general election.

Sixty-nine percent of the school tax issues on the ballot passed Tuesday, a decrease from the 2017 general election. Ohio voters approved 89 of 122 school tax issues in November 2017 for a passage rate of 73 percent.

Forty-three of 94 new school tax issues were approved Tuesday, a passage rate of 46 percent. This is a decrease from the 2017 general election when 51 percent of new tax issues passed.

Voters approved 78 of 81 renewal school tax issues on Tuesday’s ballot, a 96 percent passage rate. This is a slight increase from the 2017 general election when voters approved 90 percent of the renewal issues.

Faced with ongoing fiscal challenges, including increasing expenses, an uncertain state funding formula and funds being diverted to charter schools and vouchers, many school districts are being forced to rely more and more on their local communities for support. Districts that were unsuccessful on the ballot Tuesday likely will have to make difficult budget decisions, including new rounds of cuts.

“OSBA congratulates those districts and communities that were successful in Tuesday’s election,” said Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Director of Legislative Services Jennifer Hogue. “Districts whose issues didn’t pass will have to increase their outreach efforts and continue to share their financial situation with voters.”

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