O-G students on ‘modified’ lockdown Tuesday after possible threat

OTTAWA — Ottawa-Glandorf High School was placed on a modified lockdown Tuesday after officials learned of a possible threat against a student or students at the school.

Superintendent of Schools Don Horstman said in a prepared statement that information was received from a student regarding a “general threat” against students at the school.

“The Ottawa Police Department was immediately contacted, and the school was placed on a modified lock down — which means students and staff continue with a normal schedule, but all exterior doors are locked, and all visitors must report to the front main entrance of the high school,” Horstman said.

The Ottawa Police Department and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department are investigating, and Horstman said school officials are working with both in the investigation and to ensure student and staff safety.

Officers from the Ottawa Police Department remained at the school throughout the day Tuesday.


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