Bluffton University offers a pre-engineering major

BLUFFTON — In an effort to allow students to explore and prepare themselves for an engineering career, Bluffton University will now offer a pre-engineering major.

Pre-engineering majors will be required to take a combination of mathematics, physics and a few new courses as well. Students will also be permitted to double major.

Students will be required to take a engineering seminar which will expose students to the various career fields in engineering. Also students will interact with guests in the field and will also go on field trips to engineering firms and schools.

“Bluffton’s program covers all of the foundational courses in mathematics and science that students will need to pursue engineering further,” said assistant professor of physics Dr. Luke Myers in a news release. “We’ve had success getting students accepted into engineering programs in this manner. However, the pre-engineering major streamlines the process. It’s a good path forward for future students.”


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