Elida Middle School takes top spot at MathCounts

ELIDA — Elida Middle School took first place at the 35th annual MathCounts competition on Saturday, Feb. 17, at Elida Middle School.

MathCounts is a national competition for fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students with an emphasis in solving math problems. Nine teams competed at the local level — Anna Middle School, Allen East Middle School, Bellefontaine Middle School, Coldwater Junior High School, Elida Middle School, Fort Jennings Local School, Jackson Center Local School, Ottoville Middle School and Shawnee Middle School.

For the Lima area competition, the Lima Society of Profession Engineers underwrote local competition expenses and travel expenses to the state competition scheduled for March 10 in Columbus. Teams and individuals moving on to the state competition include the Elida Middle School team (Cody Crates, Emalee Cunningham, Jackson Davis and Mike Niebel) and individuals Mackenzie Burgei (Fort Jennings), Michael Steffen (Ottoville), Evan Joseph (Fort . Jennings) and Austin Ebbing (Coldwater).

Schools compete by entering a team of four students, and awards are given for both team and individual performances in the spring, target and countdown rounds.

Team Winners: 1. Elida Middle School (Coach Brady Overholt), 2. Anna Middle School (Coach Cindy Endsley), 3. Ottoville Middle School (Coach Kevin Horstman)

Individual Winners: 1. Jackson Davis (Elida Middle School), 2. Mackenzie Burgei (Fort. Jennings Middle School), 3. Michael Steffen (Ottoville Middle School), 4. Cody Crates (Elida Middle School)

Countdown Round Winners: 1. Evan Joseph (Fort Jennings Middle School), 2. Cody Crates (Elida Middle School), 3. Kylee Carter (Allen East Middle School), 4. Jackson Davis (Elida Middle School)

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