Collins receives award from Crime Victim Services

LIMA — Lima Senior Alternative School Principal Darnell Collins and his staff were honored with a “You Rock” award from Crime Victim Services on Wednesday.

The award is the result of the school’s support and implementation of the Safe Dates program.

This is the first year Crime Victim Services has presented the Safe Dates curriculum to the Alternative School. Collins, in his first year as principal at the school, requested the program.

The program address issues such as teen dating violence, signs of abuse, gender stereotypes, consent, human trafficking, rape culture, and how to be in a healthy relationship and what to do if you are not. The program is a 10-week session using everything from videos, role playing scenarios, personal survivor stories and discussions to teach teens about teen dating violence.

One in four girls will experience some type of dating violence while in high school and one in five boys will experience some type of dating violence. The violence can show up as physical, verbal or emotional abuse. The program aims to teach students how to avoid unhealthy relationships and identify healthy ways to deal with common emotions and stress involved in teen dating.

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