Land transfers, Nov. 19-25

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Nov. 19 through Nov. 25. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


421 N Collett Of Lima Ltd to Pitts, Crystal, 1100 E. 2nd St., Lima, $30,000

Barker, Stacy/Barker, James to Falappi, Marci Nicole, 2950 Westimber Court, Lima, $279,900

Brown, Ricky Jr to Sr Home Renovations LLC, 1017 W. Elm St., Lima, $45,000

Craft, Ronald L/Craft, Carol A/Craft, Ronald L Attorney In Fact to Craft, Christyn D, 632 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $45,000

Ebury Re, LLC/Ebury Street Capital, LLC to Kohli, Ashley, 1246 Hazel Ave., Lima, $8,500

Hawk, William A/Shafer, Stacy L to Turner, Larry K/Turner, Sharon V, 2106 Reinell Drive, Lima, $189,900

Jarrell, Sandra S to Perry, Jacinda E/Fried, Jordan D, 2700 Kimberly Drive, Lima, $239,900

Johnson, Rhokia/Knight, Willie D to Brown, Samantha A, 955 N. West St., Lima, $58,000

Jumpx Real Estate Investment, LLC to Prada’s Properties LLC, 448 N. Jackson St., Lima, $6,500

JY Rentals Elmview LLC to Domus Investment Partners, LLC, 1 Elmview Court, 2 Elmview Court, 3 Elmview Court, 4 Elmview Court, 5 Elmview Court, 7 Elmview Court, 8 Elmview Court, 9 Elmview Court, 10 Elmview Court, 11 Elmview Court, 12 Elmview Court, 13 Elmview Court, 15 Elmview Court, 17 Elmview Court, 18 Elmview Court, Lima, $475,000

Maywest Properties LLC to Johnson, Henry, 615 W. Murphy St., Lima, $10,000

Neal, Elizabeth Executor/Estate Of Gerald Raymond Spence to Burden, Kelly Jo, 398 W. Kildare Ave., Lima, $45,000

Quicken Loans, LLC to Yoakim, Kamal Nader Tardos/Tardos Yoakim, Kamal Nader/Nader Tardos Yoakim, Kamal, 667 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $15,000

Sawmiller, Tiffani L to Caprella, Tiffany M, 2071 W. High St., Lima, $120,000

Stemen, Mary Diane to Newland, Eva Marie, 752 W. Ewing Ave., Lima, $45,600

Taylor, Kayne A to Doughman, Annauh L, 1400 N. Central Ave., Lima, $75,000

Wiggins, Carol H Executor/Estate Of Louise J Homan to Willind, LLC, 456-460 S. Main St., Lima, $85,000


Lowell, Shirley K Trustee/Shirley K Lowell Revocable Living Trust to Andrews, William R, 6688 Fort Amanda Road (4.82 acres), Lima, $237,000


Flanagan, C Diane Co-Executor/Oley, Rebecca S Co-Executor/Estate Of Eleanor Lee Klingler to Baker, Aaron/Baker, Amy, 2741 Lilly Drive, Lima, $165,000

Myers, Timothy E/Myers, Nancy/Miller, Laura A/Jacobs, Sherry M/Giovinazzo, Ellen F/Miller, Steven J/Jacobs, Gregory A/Sink, Jeffery L to Turner, Alissa, 328 Baxter St., Lima, $132,000

Patrick, Brandon J/Patrick, Heather N to Snyder, Wendy/Snyder, Jason, 3020 Dutch Hollow Road (0.743 acres), Lima, $190,500

Shockency, Keith A/Shockency, Shelly R to Kaser, James A/Scott, Jennifer L, 4241 Diller Road (0.408 acres), Lima, $100,000

Stolly, Jarod J to King, Stephen W, 172 Hartford Court, Lima, $66,500


C&C Property Management, LLC to Godfrey, Lisa, 770 Lutz Road (0.655 acres and 0.0126 acres), Lima, $25,000

Dovovan, Kaye to Dovovan, Kaye/Sawmiller, Jacki, 1433 Lutz Road, Lima, $77,300

McGraw, Kyle C to AZH Enterprises, LLC, 2802 Wells Drive, Lima, $91,100

Patek, Kirit B Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Treasurer Evalyn M Shaffner to Croft, Joseph/Herr, Nicole, Neubrecht Road (1.016 acres), Lima, $6,000

Rex, Calvin T/Rex, Bridget to Rickle, Robin R, 2205 Chevy Chase Boulevard, Lima, $136,900

Short, Douglas H/Emans, Lisa A to Green, Guy T/Green, Deborah L, 1996 Pine Lake Drive, Lima, $249,900


Sneary, Alisha A to Palte, Stacie, 305 E. Main St., Beaverdam, $115,000


Amstutz, Sara J/Amstutz, Dennis D Attorney-In-Fact to Shade, David M/Shade, Marilee Ann, 575 S. Main St., Bluffton, $104,000

Waltz, Michael Edward/Waltz, Stacey M to Falk, Joshua T, 219 N. Spring St., Bluffton, $133,500


Youngpeter, Kevin, co-executor/Christine Bloom, co-executor/Estate of Youngpeter, Eugene T. to Gasser, Michelle Lynn, 708 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $132,000.


WVT Properties LLC to Oroh Properties LLC, 113 E. Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $70,000


Henry, James E to McClain, John/McClain, Traci, 2795 N. Hardin Road (5 acres), Ada, $40,000


Frank, Thomas M/Frank, Rebecca to Rimes, Melissa, 3876 St. Johns Road, Lima, $85,000


Green, Guy T/Green, Deborah L to Sehlhorst, Rachel L, 7535 Hillville Road (1.067 acre), Bluffton, $300,000


Bowe, Richard L Sr to Bowe, Richard L Jr/Bowe, Stella M, 1400 Southwood Drive, Lima, $49,500

Deutsch, Keith A to Piacenti, Marni, 3469 Camden Place, Lima, $213,000

Fisher, Todd L to Zwingelberg, Ashley Renee, 3163 Fort Amanda Road (1 acre), Lima, $235,000

Hadding, Gary L/Hadding, Laura L to Denino, Michael Edward/Thompson, Marti, 3727 Groves Road (0.99 acres), Lima, $185,000

Johnson, Stephen C/Johnson, Robin G to Aller, Diane M, 672 Kiowa Trail, Lima, $264,900

LBC Investments, LLC to Lotz, Laura E, 3507 Camden Place, Lima, $244,200

Rosado, Ricardo/Rosado, Kelly J to Milianti, Anthony J/Milianti, Coral, 2915 Sands Road, Lima, $295,000

Robert E Sigman Trust/Huntington National Bank, N.A. Trustee to Bader, Edward S/Huelskamp, Gregory A, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 708, Lima, $159,000

Stubbs, Paritica K/Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar to JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, 2019 Rose Ave., Lima, $28,100

Turner, Alissa S to George, Nicholas L/George, Jennifer M, 1368 Fairgreen Ave., Lima, $160,000

Wellman Homes, LLC to Sherer, Austin A/Sherer, Lauren A, 3493 Weldon Drive, Lima, $325,000

Wingate, Dawn Navarre/Wingate, James B to Jensen, Scott R/Jensen, Bethany A, 2561 Shoreline Drive, Lima, $270,000


Whittaker, Gary L/Whittaker, Brenda K/Miller, Karen W/Whittaker, Steven J/Whittaker, Shonda/Neuenschwander, Sherry L/Whittaker, Scott A/Whittaker, Tonya S/Neuenschwander, Bradley D to Clayton, Bruce T, 2590 Monfort Road (1 acre and 3.467 acres), Spencerville, $229,000


K & M Business Services, LLC to Monk, Lisa K, 404 N. Pearl St., Spencerville, $89,000


Wurth, Gerald A to Wurth, Cinda S/Troyer, Adam E, 5377 N. Cole St. (3.657 acres), Lima, $300,000

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