Land transfers, Nov. 5-11

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Miscellaneous `40`38`53

Military discharges `1`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Nov. 5 through 11. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Beech, John to Bowsher, Rhoda F, 607 Willard Ave., Lima, $104,900

Crisostomo, Dianne Grace Cadiente to Seigler, Randall Jacob, 409 Nye St., Lima, $31,000

Emirate Investments, LLC to Wallace, Rashad Steven, 1316 W. Spring St., Lima, $6,500

Henderson, Adam/Henderson, Mandy M to Henderholt Investments, LLC, 309 S. Blackburn Drive, Lima, $26,000

Icenogle, Debra D/Chenoweth, Robert L to Mobley, Andrew, 403 S. Pine St., Lima, $20,500

Lewis, Larry L Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Kleman, Philip W, 1701 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $24,700

MacDonell, R Parker Trustee/Martha S MacDonell Trust to Cunningham, Brian/Cunningham, Jessica, 1418 W. Market St., Lima, $410,000

May, Rodney E/May, April to Kingdom Keepers Investments LLC, 1707 W. High St., Lima, $28,500

Augsburger, Stephanie/Augsburger, Samuel T to Phillips, Tracey Nechelle, 1172 Richie Ave., Lima, $85,000

Petroschek, Inge M to Rumbaugh Properties, LLC/Mauk, Eva M Attorney in Fact, 614 W. Ford Ave., Lima, $53,000

Pignataro, Jacob Eugene to Adkins, Ashley, 1818 Lowell Ave., Lima, $97,000

Rapp, Darlene J/Rapp, Richard L/Norbeck, Margie M to Magg, Terry A/Maag, Mary K, 900, 904 and 912 Findlay Road, Grant Street, Adams Street, Lima, $90,000

Samuel Phillip Properties LLC to Just Rent Co. LLC, 128 W. High St., Lima, $81,700


Miller, Deborah Executor/Estate Of Dorsey P Pete Miller Jr to GJJ Farms, LLC, Allentown Road (16.333 acres), Lima, $130,700


Coolidge, Janet S to Brubaker, Mary E Trustee/Mary E Brubaker Living Trust, Sunnydale Street (37.545 acres), Lima, $239,900

Feltz, Carl E/Feltz, Jody to Taylor, Erin N/Taylor, Gregory A, 3450 Makley Drive, Lima, $169,900

HRF Corporation to Kroehler, Joshua G/Kroehler, Molly R, 4902 Marciel Drive, Lima, $340,100

Lak & Jak Enterprises, LLC to Horton, Elizabeth A, 703 Seriff Road, Lima, $70,000

Lima Directional Paging Co., Inc. to Geise, Nathan Scott, 2062-2078 N. Cable Road, Lima, $385,000


Pemtaf Properties, LLC to Anaya, Jeremie, 6060 Creps Road (2.254 acres), Harrod, $98,500

Starr, Matthew Lee/Dray, Megan/Howard, Kristen/Starr, Emily/Dray, Lyle/Howard, Justin to Dray, Lyle/Dray, Megan, 6540 Clum Road (6.1 acres), Harrod, $90,000


Horn, Bryan T/Horn, Jamie M to Campbell, Timothy C/Moore, Erin, 2775 Hadsell Road, Lima, $219,000


Warren, Roger to Carr, William D/Low, Beng Imm, 357 S. Jackson St., Bluffton, $179,000


Gross, John A/Gross, Joy D to Parsons, Cody, 535 N. Main St., Delphos, $155,000

Stockwell, Mark to Jacobs, Matthew C/Greens, Amber N, 410 E. Jackson St., Delphos, $77,000


Garver, Lynnette A to BCB Farms, LLC, 9289 Ada Road (118 acres) and Lafayette Road (32.615 acres and 46.806 acres), Harrod, $1,105,700

Hollar, Jamie to Phillips, Jason, 1020 N. Napoleon Road (2.022 acres), Lima, $86,900


Garber, Bryce J/Garber, Mickaylah to Simms, Tyler/Simms, Brooke, 4775 Old Delphos Road (0.776 acres), Lima, $220,000

Sandy, Carol D to Clawson, Joshua A/Clawson, Amber L, 6946 Mayberry Road (5.362 acres), Lima, $78,700


2 Dew, Ltd to 2727 St. Johns Lima LLC, 2727 St. Johns Road, Lima, $700,000

Gibson, Angela M Executrix/Berry, Glenda Kay Estate to Green, Lane, 5694 St. Johns Road (1 acre), Lima, $26,000

Martin, Hyness W/Meeker, Marianne Attorney In Fact to Elliott, Gerald W II/Elliot, Amily A, 811 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $10,000

Phillips, Diane M to Yost, Jeffrey A Ii/Yost, Jessica L, 3400 Schooler Road (1.404 acres), Lima, $148,000

Steinke, Kenneth J/Steinke, Zella M to Wilson, Vivian L, 1250 E. Breese Road, Lima, $117,500


7530 LLC to Blue Beacon International, Inc., East Main Street (0.321 acres), Beaverdam, $340,000

Miller, Sandra K Successor Trustee/Miller Living Trust to Thomas L Vogel Revocable Trust, Lugabill Road (87.068 acres), Bluffton, $478,900

Risner, April M/Hoffman, Paula K/Risner, R Khris/Hall, Lee Ann to Mauk, Jeffrey T/Mauk, Amy V, 9047 Stoodt Road (4.472 acres), Bluffton, $249,900


Corbin, Timothy D Trustee/Corbin Family Irrevocable Trust to Aldana, Benjamin D/Aldana, Elizabeth C, 3541 Camden Place, Lima, $175,000

Edwards, Terri Lynn/Edwards, Charles D/Smith, Lorri Ann/Smith, Cameron B/Balo, Amy Marie to Brenneman, Taylor/Brenneman, Rollin, 4039 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $270,000

Eversole, Chad S/Eversole, Karolyn/Eversole, Nathan R/Eversole, Brent M/Lott, Bethany D/Motter, Sarah N/Eversole, Erin/Eversole, Jaime/Lott, Shane/Motter, Chase to Smith, Clint/Smith, Katie, 2076 Shawnee Road, Lima, $160,000

Gesler, Nancy C Executrix/Lee, Carol Winifred Decd to Makin, Robert P, 2685 Yoakam Road, Lima, $127,500

Hines, Brandon P/Hines, Debra/Swinehart, Krista J/Swinehart, Doug to Faulkner, Donald Ray/Faulkner, Heidi Dawn, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 601, Lima, $70,000

Kahler, Gary W/Kahler, Donna E to Kesner, Stephen Jr/Kesner, Emily, 3360 S. Wapak Road (5.25 acres), Lima, $360,000

Kesner, Stephen J/Kesner, Emily L to Kuhn, Jennifer J, 1558 Bunker Drive, Lima, $250,000

Pondview Estates, Ltd to Potturi, Mohan, 1837 Silver Stream Court, Lima, $26,000

Pondview Estates. Ltd to Sroka, Mitch/Sroka, Amanda, 4553 Karif Circle, Lima, $26,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development/Sage Acquisitions, LLC Authorized Agent to Lamey, Shenouda, 2140 Sara Lee Ave., Cridersville, $64,000

Stedke, Daven E Trustee/Catahoula Revocable Living Trust to Hickory Hill Land And Farms, LLC, 2612 Jonathon Drive, Lima, $24,000

Zuwerink, David A to Henderholt Investments, LLC, 3969 Fort Amanda Road (1 acre), Lima, $60,000


Dix, Debra S/Koenig, Ashley N Attorney In Fact/Dix, John R to Regedanz, Aaron S/Regedanz, Teresa M, 2690 Kleinoeder Road (2 acres), Spencerville, $131,600

Lyles Classic Automotive, LLC to J’s Of Lima, LLC, Allentown Road (1.07 acres), Lima, $30,000


Abbott, Judith Arlene/Lyle, Joshua L Attorney In Fact to Fellers, James/Fellers, Brandy K, 212 E. 3rd St., Spencerville, $125,000

Clayton, Bruce T to Gallimore, Kathy L, 303 N. Main St., Spencerville, $107,000

Schmiesing, Karen/Schmiesing, Mark to Rowland, Kimberly, 715 Briggs Ave., Spencerville, $18,800

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Mortgage `68`104`67

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `61`220`81

Uniform commercial code `1`4`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `40`38`53

Military discharges `1`0`0

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