Land transfers, Sept. 17-23

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Deeds `95`71`100

Mortgage `97`83`120

Land contracts `0`2`1

Releases `65`197`99

Uniform commercial code `0`1`2

Terminations `0`0`2

Miscellaneous `53`48`57

Military discharges `2`0`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 17 through Sept. 23. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Allen, Michael Wayne/Allen, Sonia H to Balo, Amy M, 404 N. Pears Ave., Lima, $57,500

Barnett, Heidi E/Barnett, Matthew to Boose, Lucas/Boose, Mollie E, 2705 Carolyn Drive, Lima, $250,400

Bowman, Colby D/Bowman, Lana J to Daley, Donald G, 919 Leland Ave., Lima, $29,500

Davis, Donna M to Freed, Steven/Freed, Toni, 1713 Mound Road, Lima, $132,900

Fisher, Harold R to Cox, Russell Joseph/Cox, Stephanie Nicole, 1881 Lowell Ave., Lima, $85,000

Ford, Terrell to Williamson, Jamesha L, 1703 S. Central Ave., Lima, $55,000

Greeley, Edward W/Greeley, Charles J/Greeley, Kristina F/Greeley, William G/Greeley, Mary E/Greeley, Robert M/Greeley, Brenda K/Greeley, Gloria S to Hart, Crystal D, 930 Tremont Ave., Lima, $87,000

Honey Run Investments LLC to Rumbaugh Properties, LLC, 150 N. Pears Ave., Lima, $50,000

Honey Run Investments, LLC to Cobb, Patricia M, 903 E. 2nd St., Lima, $6,000

Johnson, Calvin R/Johnson, Kendra R/Downton, Danielle L to McGraw, Pamela A, 514 E. Third St., Lima, $24,000

Kingsbery, Alan S to Burton, Pua N Jr, 1045-1047 W. Market St., Lima, $10,000

M&M Rentals Ltd. to Martin, Malcolm C, 758 S. Weadock Ave., Lima, $2,300

Moyer, Robert J/Moyer, Kelly K to Bradley, Martez, 1722 Rice Ave., Lima, $94,000

Peters, Terrye/Evans, Patricia A/Peters, Dean/Evans, Dwayne to Ganswindt, Ralf, 505 Haller St., Lima, $49,900

Roberson, Yvonne D to Jackson, Debera A, 47070716001000, $9,000

Roberts, Austen R/Smith, Candace L to Henderson, Adam/Henderson, Mandy M, 309 S. Blackburn Drive, Lima, $51,600

Singhaus, Julia M to Combs, Daniel R, 1515 Hazel Ave., Lima, $110,000

Watkins, Kaylean to Second Chance Property Rehab LLC, 556 Haller St., Lima, $5,000

Wooldridge, John R/Wooldridge, Janice E to McPhillips, Richard T III, 643 Meadowbrook Drive, Lima, $106,500


Auto-Owners Insurance Company to Long, Gail A, 1723 Plainfield Drive, Lima, $137,300

BSW Inc. to Bailey, Joseph/Bailey, Sara, 5162 Pheasant St., Lima, $145,000

Collins, Casey to Burnett, Trey C, 1798 Homeward Ave., Lima, $130,000

Edwards, Jon A/Edwards, Elizabeth A to Weaver, Kevin J/Weaver, Debra A, 2150 Diller Road (2.5 acres), Lima, $310,000

Fricke, Bruce/Fricke, Aundrea to Spencer, Matthew G, 2982 N. Kemp Road (1.004 acres), Lima, $133,400

Good, David W/Good, Janet to AIF Properties, LLC, 3671 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $32,000

Good, David W/Good, Janet to Bentz, Scott/Bentz, Alison, 3662 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $32,000

Good, David W/Good, Janet to Pugin, Carl/Pugin, Jennifer, 1574 Chancellor Drive, Lima, $32,000

Good, David W/Good, Janet to Pugin, Carl/Pugin, Jennifer, 3721 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $32,000

Good, Richard M/Good, Leona/Martin, David L Attorney In Fact to Bennett, Jeffrey E/Bennett, Lori A, 3937 Cherokee Drive, Lima, $204,900

Joyce, Todd P/Joyce, Tara M to Hawk, Janet C, Tonkawa Trail, Lima, $31,000

Kenkade, LLC to American Legacy Investments, LLC, 4035 Allentown Road, Lima, $130,000

Maxwell, Shawn Anthony to Flores, Miranda J/Flores, Adrian S, 3411 N. West St., Lima, $25,000

McCarthy, Sean A/McCarthy, Jessica to Simpson, Roderick J, 3606 Malibu Drive, Lima, $219,500

Miller, Dennis to Lamb, Robin L Trustee/Lamb Family Revocable Trust, 1848-1850 Brookhaven Court, Lima, $155,000

Moore, Travis E/Moore, Elizabeth E to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 4848 Marciel Drive, Lima, $350,000

Mullane, Daniel J III/Mullane, Carmen G to Kerber, Benjamin, 3225 Makley Drive, Lima, $170,900

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Eilerman, James T/Eilerman, Marianna R, 4848 Marciel Drive, Lima, $350,000


Brock, Rebecca L/Brock, T Blain II to Woods, Sarah E/Woods, Brandon S, 2520 Brentlinger Road (5 acres), Harrod, $430,000


Joseph, Ellen A to Simpson, Linda L, 1615 N. Sugar St., Lima, $27,000

Schroeder, Ann E/Baylor, John W to Voelkert, Brett, 3751 B. Mt. Vernon Place, Lima, $92,500


Van Meter, Ralph W Trustee/Van Meter, Nancy S Trustee/Van Meter Family Trust to JCJJD Investments, LLC, 202 E. Main St., Beaverdam, $40,000


Gilo Development, LLC to 30 Continental Inn, LLC, 1210-1212 Marsh Ave., 1220-1222 Marsh Ave., 1290-1300 Marsh Ave. 1310-1316 Marsh Ave., Delphos, $665,000


Green, Troy L to Colvin, Brandon/Chin-Colvin, Connie, 4781 Sycamore St., Elida, $267,000

Smalley, Vanessa/Smalley, Maurice to Mayer, Tanner M, 3015 Hummingbird St., Elida, $144,600


Messer, Carol Diane to Pickrell, John M Trustee/John M Pickrell Living Trust, 1069 N. McClure Road (0.486 acres), Lima, $7,000

Messer, Carol Diane to Pickrell, John M Trustee/John M Pickrell Living Trust, 1033 N. McClure Road (0.486 acres), Lima, $14,000

Paxson, Walter W/Paxson, Barbara K to Pinks, Cory/Pinks, Sara, Huber Road (5 acres), Bluffton, $30,000


Teman, Chad Alan/Teman, Rebekah Lynn/Teman, Jason Andrew/Teman, Lindsey Marie to Teman, Jason Andrew, 8451 Defiance Trail (0.702 acres), Fort Jennings, $72,800


Perham, Steven H to Endicott, Christopher James, 1610 Hillville Road (0.74 acres), Columbus Grove, $139,000


Davis, John to Handshoe, Terry I, Clyde Avenue, Lima, $7,000

Flotte, Linda A to Anchored Hope Baptist Church, Bellefontaine Road (0.5 acres), Lima, $4,000

Lusk, Jeffrey/Lusk, Kelly/Wheeler, Kimberly Renee to Sanchez, Yair Garcia, 2232 E. Fourth St., Lima, $110,000

Lyle, Ted/Lyle, Mary Jeanne to Davis, John, Clyde Avenue, Lima, $10,000


Bailey, Joseph/Bailey, Evangelyn to Mansfield, Lila R, 1001 S. Wapak Road, Lima, $110,000

Begonia, Jay/Begonia, Jessica to Roberts, Christopher M, 1571 Southwood Drive, Lima, $124,900

Biss, Shane R/Biss, Cassidy L to Adams, Brody Robert/Burkhart, Anna Lucille, 165 Ruskin Court, Lima, $175,000

Boose, Lucas/Boose, Mollie E to Reser, Christopher J, 1207 Wayside Drive, Lima, $185,000

Buetner, Megan M/Buetner, Brey L to Twining, Brittaney/Twining, Nicholas, 1650 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $157,000

Diltz, Caren E/Diltz, Patrick to Moore, Timothy L/Moore, Janet M, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 602, $81,000

Jamison, Jeanette E to Gadouas, Anita C, 1561 Southwood Drive, Lima, $75,000

Kitchen, Melvin R/Kitchen, Dawn C to Haines, Timothy A, 5122 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $35,000

Lewis, Ruby D to DePalma, Michael Anthony, 2505 Dogwood Drive, Lima, $230,000

Miklos, David C/Cheney, Daniel J to Hollenbacher, John A/Hollenbacher, Suzanne Y, 4724 Abnaki Trail, Lima, $357,500

Redick, Matt B Successor Trustee/Norman R Redick Living Trust to Leach, Jerome, 1636 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $189,900

Ross, Daniel C to Long, Alexis L, 2981 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $245,000


Bolinger, Laura J Executor/Vogt, Shirley E Decd to Nichols, Richard S, 504 S. Pearl St., Spencerville, $86,000


Cunningham, Lester A/Cunningham, Thelma to Smalley, Vanessa, 4035 Sherrick Road (2.8 acres), $165,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `95`71`100

Mortgage `97`83`120

Land contracts `0`2`1

Releases `65`197`99

Uniform commercial code `0`1`2

Terminations `0`0`2

Miscellaneous `53`48`57

Military discharges `2`0`1

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