Land transfers, Aug. 27-Sept. 2

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Deeds `85`82`104

Mortgage `73`114`123

Land contracts `2`0`0

Releases `45`155`111

Uniform commercial code `0`4`0

Terminations `1`2`1

Miscellaneous `49`58`38

Military discharges `1`4`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 27 through Sept. 2. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


1864 Partners, LLC to Bucher, Christian W/Bucher, Danielle L, 1864 Lowell Ave., Lima, $204,500

Banks, Willie to Scott, Kenneth, 1157 S. Central Ave., Lima, $6,000

Barnes, Nathan/Barnes, Leani Le’A Kehaulani to Collins, Zachary J/Watson, Olivia M, 803 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $118,000

Brown, Nancy L to Shives, Richard A/Curry, Christina L, 710 Holly St., Lima, $4,000

Conley, Michael E/Conley, Lynda L to Valenti, Angela, 110-112 Harrison Ave., Lima, $19,000

Conrad, Ashley N/Conrad, Dustin to Tummel, Andrea, 336 S. Jameson Ave., Lima, $95,000

Cousey, Jeffrey A to Ashton, Robert, 927 Michael Ave., Lima, $33,500

Craig, Roger W/Craig, Deborah L to Myers, Andrew/Myers, Christina, 927 Michael Ave., Lima, $221,000

Deosaran, Arjoon/Deosaran, Holly to Ferguson, David L/Ferguson, Shelley M, 2645 Kenny Lee Drive, Lima, $289,800

Gilman, David P/Gilman, Marlene to McLaughlin, Amber R, 836 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $97,900

Kay Cee, Inc./Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Superior Credit Union, Inc., 810 S. Cable Road, Lima, $100,000

Klocinski, Mary Jo/Laban, Debra J Attorney In Fact to Schleter, Steven, 1139 Brice Ave., Lima, $57,000

Martin, Jock to Carstens, Azor A E, 1012 Summit St., Lima, $63,000

Meyer, Gary/Meyer, Lori to Overmyer, Joseph, 829 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $136,900

Northbrook Properties, Inc. to CMFH, LLC, 600 S. Roberts Ave,. Lima, $510,000

Reed, Patricia J/Reed, Jeffrey L to Liening, Andrea L, 2231 Merit Ave., Lima, $329,900

Williams, Gregory T/Williams, Shannon M to Iten, Matthew J, 649 Westbrook Drive, Lima, $112,000


Moeller Land & Cattle Company, Inc. to Snyder, Thomas E/Snyder, Lillia L, 11131 Spencerville Road (1.945 acres), Spencerville, $125,000


Custer, John T to Ong, Dy M, 2761 Freyer Road, Lima, $225,000

Good, David W/Good, Janet to Built Rite Builders, LLC, 3748 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $31,000

Good, David W/Good, Janet to Pugin, Carl/Pugin, Jennifer, 3705 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $32,000

Good, David W/Good, Janet to Downey, Mark R/Downey, Linda L, 3762 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $33,000

Good, Richard M/Martin, David L Attorney In Fact/Good, Leona to Smith, Barry L/Smith, Cyndi L, 1792 Woodberry Creek Drive, Lima, $37,000

Hemmelgarn, Patricia J/Hemmelgarn, Ronald J to CP Associates LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 35, Lima, $43,900

Hemmelgarn, Patricia J/Hemmelgarn, Ronald J to CP Associates LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 36, Lima, $43,900

Pugin, Carl/Pugin, Jennifer to Ward, Randy/Ward, Elva Marie, 1582 Chancellor Drive, Lima, $275,000

Roznowski, David J/Roznowski, Heather A to Conrad, Dustin K/Conrad, Ashley N, 2814 Wendell Ave., Lima, $295,000

Schmidthorst, Allen W/Schmidthorst, Carol M/Schmidthorst, Allen W Attorney In Fact to Roznowski, David/Roznowski, Heather, Lowell Avenue, Lima, $23,500

Starr, Joan Annette Co-Trustee/Starr, Kenneth Robert Jr Co-Trustee/Joan Annette Starr Revocable Living Trust to Eagy, Nancy, 727 Gloria Ave., Lima, $106,000

Wright, Donald E/Wright, Dianne E to Reed, Patricia J, 2300 W. Wayne St., Lima, $275,000


Atchison, Leighann/Atchison, Jason to Sneary, Alisha A, 3757 N. Thayer Road, $187,000

Fifer, Jeremy D/Fifer, Adrienne M to Williams, Bennie/Williams, Brittany, 1671 Lee Ann Drive, Lima, $189,900

Morton, Shirley A Executor/Estate Of Cynthia L Dunson to Competitive Properties, LLC, 1965 Lutz Road (0.72 acres), Lima, $53,500

Gilbert, Thomas J/Gilbert, Vicky K to Hartzog, Brett A/Miller, Samantha A, 230 Devonshire Drive, Lima, $187,000

Hawk, Rhonda J to Budde, Juanita, 758 Yorkshire Drive, Lima, $299,000

Metzger, Ashley Brooke/Reigle, Jackie L Estate to Sexton Irrevocable Heritage Trust, 122 Pine Haven Drive, Lima, $61,300

Pitchford, Marshal Manning/Pitchford, Allison Y/Stechschulte, Marlena Sue/Stechschulte, Anthony Joseph/Cotrell, Ernest L to Miller, Jennifer Ann/Miller, Jeffrey A, 301 Devonshire Drive, Lima, $159,900

R&C Real Estate Investments Inc. to KG & Sons, Inc., 1231 Neubrecht Road, Lima, $525,000

Torres, Jair C/Torres, Linda Janera/Torres, Anne E/Stuckman, Jay to RCCC, Ltd, 106 N. Leonard Ave., Lima, $35,000


Cramer, Joshua D Trustee/Cramer Principal Protection Trust to Smith, Heidi K Trustee/Smith Realty Professional 401(K) Plan, 111 W. College Ave., Bluffton, $390,000

OCP Investments, LLC to Haley, Jason R, 329 S. Main St., Bluffton, $180,000


Hawk, Susan E Executor/Estate Of Dorothy Emma Youngpeter to Youngpeter, Daniel A, 456 S. Franklin St., Delphos, $30,000

Lahmon, James H II/Lahmon, Carol E to Colson, Jennifer M/Colson, Nicholas Y, 432 E. Cleveland St., Delphos, $62,000


Cardenas, Kelsey N/Cardenas, Eric to Hutchinson, Max T, 307 N. Greenlawn Ave., Elida, $140,000

Miller, Stuart S to Gelivera, Julia V/Cherepenina, Tatyana A, 4849 Pheasant St., Lima, $174,700


Butler’s Investment Properties Co. to Heckman, Joseph A/Heckman, Tristan A, 6310 E. Bluelick Road (1.308 acres and 2.657 acres), Lima, $299,900

Hall, Joan E Successor Trustee/Wince Family Revocable Trust to Hall, Joan E, 3725 Tom Fett Road, Harrod, $291,000

Williams, Bennie D/Williams, Brittany L to Tilton, Ty A/Tilton, Jesica R, 1950 N. Napoleon Road (5 acres), Harrod, $272,300


Dunifon, Kenneth R/Dunifon, Crystal L to Money, Joseph, 3840 St. Johns Road, Lima, $138,000


Spencer, Randy/Spencer, Jesse to Tennant, Trevor, 6501-6503 Foust Road (0.51 acres), Columbus Grove, $174,000


Bush, Mark S to Wannamacher, Andrew/Wannamacher, Shannon, 1529 Shawnee Road, Lima, $338,000

Campbell, Scott/Craig Campbell Revocable Living Trust to Hughes, Steven, 1879 Frail Road, Lima, $85,000

Green, David D/Green, Kathy J to Flynn, Christopher, 1805 Huntington Drive, Cridersville, $123,000

Guagenti, Cecilia R to McCormick, Jodee L/Lamb, Matthew, 5249 Shoshone Trail, Lima, $166,900

Kuhn, Jennifer N/Downing, Jill R to Rocca, Joseph III/Rocca, Teresa Anna, 3459 High Ridge Road, Lima, $210,000

LBC Investments, LLC to Custer, John T, 3489 Camden Place, Lima, $265,000

LBC Investments, LLC to Lotz, James R/Lotz, Kathleen A, 3510 Camden Place, Lima, $250,800

Mays, Lisa L/Mays, Josh to Murray, Morgan Lee Ann/Murray, Cedrick M, 2590 Fulton Road, Lima, $172,500

Midwest Metal Fabricators, Ltd. to SLL Properties, LLC, 2276 W. Breese Road (7.981 acres), Lima, $450,000

Nielsen, Kyle A/Nielsen, Emily J to Scoggin, Kerry M/Scoggin, Bonnie M, 2054 Sandy Lane, Lima, $209,000

Shaw, Anthony/Shaw, Waneda to Paxton, Jeromey A/Paxton, Christina, 5250 NBorfolk St., Lima, $110,000

Tempel, Michael B to Noor Rentals LLC, 3260 Shawnee Road, Lima, $130,000

Typpi, Jonathan M to Schnarre, Holly/Schnarre, Carl, 5911 Fort Amanda Road (4 acres), Lima, $189,000


Keller, Todd Trustee/Keller Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Kahle, Anthony M/Kahle, Amy A, 430 N. Acadia Road, Spencerville, $180,000


Cox, Craig A/Cox, Annette S to Stuttler, Alan/Stuttler, Natalie, 304 N. Broadway St., Spencerville, $45,000

Mull, Jon W to McCormick, Coleman, 207 N. Canal St., Spencerville, $115,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `85`82`104

Mortgage `73`114`123

Land contracts `2`0`0

Releases `45`155`111

Uniform commercial code `0`4`0

Terminations `1`2`1

Miscellaneous `49`58`38

Military discharges `1`4`0

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