Land transfers, Aug. 20-26

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Deeds `66`68`82

Mortgage `84`95`114

Land contracts `1`0`0

Releases `72`83`155

Uniform commercial code `3`3`4

Terminations `0`1`2

Miscellaneous `47`61`58

Military discharges `1`1`4

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 13 through 19. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Barnes, Nathan S/Kahaulani Barnes, Keani Le’A to Leblanc, Kathleen M, 1626 W. High St., Lima, $80,000

Fuqua, Tequila to Jimenez, Sharin Lineth Castro, 423 S. Collett St., Lima, $20,000

Grand Curtis LLC to Nelson, Stephen J/Nelson, Annette R, 1012 W. Wayne St., Lima, $62,000

Habitat For Humanity Lima Area, Inc. to NDC, LLC, 1182 Reese Ave., 1176 Reese Ave. and 1166 Reese Ave., Lima, $13,200

Kalla, Chris/Brown, Stacee to Taylor, Dawana S, 545 Michael Ave., Lima, $7,000

Kata Investments, LLC to Collett, Rebecca, 711 Madison Ave., Lima, $12,000

Larue, James L Jr to Edwards, Terrie J, 615 Westbrook Drive, Lima, $110,000

McNamara, Michael G Trustee/Robert L McNamara Trust Agreement/McNamara, John M Trustee/McNamara, Barbara A Trustee/Paul J McNamara Living Trust/Barbara A McNamara Living Trust to Gulf Coast Partners, LLC, 924 N. Cable Road (0.775 acres), Lima, $282,000

Mikesell, Jake/Mikesell, Kristen to Briem, Jarred, 618 Mackenzie Drive, Lima, $83,000

Ritchie, David L to Bowman, Katie E/Bowman, Brandon S, 320 N. Cable Road, Lima, $94,000

Soules, James Christopher Administrator/Estate Of James R Soules to Creative Home Buying Solutions, Inc., 815 Primrose Place, Lima, $61,100

Superior Credit Union to Calhoun, Dionandre C, 813 E. Hope St., Lima, $3,000

University of Northwestern Ohio Development Corp. to Gulf Coast Partners LLC, 651 Columbia Drive, Lima, $500,000

Valico, LLC to Mi, Li Qui, 531 Marian Ave., Lima, $22,000

Wingate, James B/Wingate, Dawn N to Jackson, Dirk C, 644 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $39,900


Dircksen, Roger H/Dircksen, Patricia to Riegle, Shawn D/Riegle, Christina M, 2630 S. Kemp Road (1.709 acres), Lima, $272,500

Gelivera, Julia V to Hobbs, Joshua A/Hobbs, Diana L, 8939 Bice Road, Spencerville, $210,000

Estate Of John T Krukenberg/Krukenberg, John F Executor to Kriegel, Matthew D, 3075 Sunderland Road (11.5 acres and 0.227 acres), Lima, $255,000

Lee, Holly Michele/Lee, Nathan to Swartz, Ashton C, 451 N. St. Marys Road (2.975 acres), Spencerville, $190,000

McBride, Janice L to Kottenbrock, Adam, 2423 N. Grubb Road (2.1349 acres), Delphos, $255,000


Edwards, Ashley J/Edwards, Derick A to Stump, Jared M, 4946 East Road, Lima, $196,000

Green, Shane R/Green, Holly to Snurr, Kenneth S/Snurr, Lynette R, 405 Sunnydale St., Elida, $127,300

Hemmelgarn, Patricia J/Hemmelgarn, Ronald J to Leopold, William, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 34, Lima, $42,900

Hochstetler, Scott D to Goodin, Carmin J, 2608 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $157,500

Jefferson Development, LLC to Casey, Crystal, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 4, Lima, $59,733

P. & S. Petroleum, Inc./ P. S. Petroleum, Inc. to Singh, Sukhjinder, 4675 Allentown Road, Lima, $148,200

Shady River LLC to J & V 520, LLC, 2809 Elida Road, Lima (0.182 acre), $500,000


Brunk, Timothy D/Brunk, Ashley N to Hill, Jered J/Rudasill, Brooke J, 470 Yale Ave., Lima, $194,000

Collins, Michael P to Binkley, Timothy R Jr, 2720 Lost Creek Boulevard, Lima, $88,500

Newbold, Jeffrey A/Newbold, Jessica to Seabolt, Benjamin R, 5290 Sandusky Road (22.4 acres), $527,500

Stauffer, Patricia/Stauffer, Craig to Shipper, Kalian, 406 Bryn Mawr Ave., Lima, $92,000


Bates, Alice K/Bates, Keith A/Nonnamaker, Thomas D/Nonnamaker, Marcia K to Noland, Daniel/Noland, Sarah, 40 Salome Circle, Bluffton, $190,000

Three S Development Group, LLC to Holbrook, Daniel R/Holbrook, Peggy E, 104 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $75,000

Weyer, Justin/Weyer, Cassie to Strayer, Benton C, 729 S. Main St., Bluffton, $130,000


Klinger Investment Properties, LLC to Gillespie, Curtiss/Gillespie, Whitney C, 802 N. Washington St., Delphos, $25,000

Martin, Amber D/Mohler, Kevin L to Gross, Ryan L/Gross, Ashley L, 803 S. Adams St., Delphos, $141,000

Merritt, Melissa A/Merritt, Jessica E to Gasser, Stacy L, 418 E. 8th St., Delphos, $81,900


Ernest, Troy/Ernest, Traci to Kremer, Travis/Kremer, Beverly/Kremer, Dennis/Kremer, Sharon, North Phillips Road (30 acres), Harrod, $180,000

Hopkins, Renee S/Hopkins, David R to Westall, David W/Westall, Karla K, 6415 Couples Lane, Lima, $247,500


Aycock, Patricia Ann to Stevenson, Douglas W, 6360 N. Defiance Trail (0.39 acre, 0.39 acre and 0.39 acre), Delphos, $85,000

Bohyer, Tonya L/Sherrick, Travis/Bohyer, Michael/Haunhorst, Jay R/Haunhorst, Sharon/Haunhorst, Aaron/Haunhorst, Christin/Haunhorst, Todd/Haunhorst, Trisha/Sherrick, Cara to Haunhorst, Caleb E, 13049 Landeck Road (40 acres), Delphos, $120,000

Good, Wilmer K/Good, Miriam/Rode, Wilmer to Rode, Ashley, 13550 Bloomlock Road, Spencerville, $41,000


Dailey, Daniel W/Dailey, Kimberly to Cornwell, Justin W, 4819 McPheron Road (20 acres), Lima, $250,000

Jacobs, Jill/Cornwell, Justin to Bakies, Jason R, 4645 McPheron Road (5.0222 acres), Lima, $135,000

Stahler, Susan/Stahler, Robert Michael to Plaugher, Johnny/McGee, Mercedes, 1809 Lennox Ave., Lima, $33,000

Zarca Investments LLC to James, Beth, 1802 St. Johns Road, Lima, $45,000


Gearing, Blaine/Gearing, Michelle to Dye, Jeffrey E/Dye, Teresa L, 2691 Alexandria Drive, Lima, $337,000

Jefferson Development, LLC/Radeloff, Roger L Trustee/Roger L Radeloff Living Trust to Brown, Diann E Trustee/Diann E Brown Living Trust, 2476 Alexandria Drive, Lima, $219,000

King, Robyn M/Vandyne, Julie E to Hopkins, David R/Hopkins, Renee S, 2633 Adgate Road, Lima, $285,000

LBS Investments, LLC to Krueger, Dennis A/Krueger, Sharon R, 3512 Camden Place, Lima, $238,700

Schmiesing Brothers Partnership to Schmiesing, Mark H/Schmiesing, Karen, 1810 Lilac Lane, Lima, $82,500

Shafer, Ryan P/Valenti-Shafer, Ashlie to Akomolafe, Ibidunni A/Akomolafe, Adedayo O, 2907 Inwood Drive, Lima, $177,000


Ford, Todd Eric Trustee/Billie Allen Ford And Sue Ann Ford Joint Irrevocable Trust to Marraccini, Marshall III/Marraccini, Jody T, 1350 N. Becker Road (7.079 acres), Spencerville, $280,000


Hobbs, Elizabeth Jane/Hobbs, Vernon E to Vogt, Caleb G, 205 S. Pearl St., Spencerville, $136,000

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Deeds `66`68`82

Mortgage `84`95`114

Land contracts `1`0`0

Releases `72`83`155

Uniform commercial code `3`3`4

Terminations `0`1`2

Miscellaneous `47`61`58

Military discharges `1`1`4

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