Land transfers, Aug. 13-19

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Deeds `93`79`68

Mortgage `94`107`95

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Releases `78`212`83

Uniform commercial code `0`0`3

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Miscellaneous `62`49`61

Military discharges `7`3`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 13 through Aug. 19. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Austin, George/Austin, Rebecca to Smith, Courtney, 544 S. Pine St., Lima, $3,000

Boroff, Karla K to Winterrowd, Jessica K, 439 S. Woodlawn, Lima, $97,000

Brinkman, Jeremy D/Brinkman, Megin S to Berry, Nathan, 123 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $55,000

Cinardo, Jean E to Zuwerink, David, 2504 Dogwood Drive, Lima, $232,900

Crisp, Patricia to Plaugher, Steven, 641 N. Union St., Lima, $8,000

Daily, Shaughn T/Henderson, Nicole Et Al to Boulevard And Lane Residential LLC, 624 N. Jameson Ave., Lima, $33,900

Degen, Wm Jared/Bicknell, Cassie L to White, Drequise R/White, Emily C, 2420 E. Bluelick Road, Lima, $150,000

Eversole, Laurie K to Hunsaker, Dustin/Hunsaker, Lindsey, 1380 E. High St., Lima, $47,000

Ferrall, Carol to Downing, Jarrod, 833 W. Murphy St., Lima, $64,800

Godfrey, Lisa to Hadding, Jody D, 1138 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $55,900

Hartzog, Brett to Wood, Brenda L, 701 Meadowbrook Drive, Lima, $110,000

Horvath, Jeremy/Horvath, Kimberly to Cortes, Alondra, 210 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $104,000

McDonald, Melissa Ann to Fuller, Jacob, 733 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $15,000

Moore, John E Sr/Moore, Karen L to Melson, Tommy D, 123 Edwards St., Lima, $49,000

Plaugher, Brandie to Denson, Willie, 1136 S. Central Ave., Lima, $12,000

R&J Realty Investments LLC to Godsey, Charles K, 2104 Reese Ave. and East 12th Street, Lima, $18,000

Rocca, Joseph A III/Rocca, Teressa Anna to Lensman, Sierra D/Stanton, Daelyn S, 2103 W. Elm St., Lima, $124,500

Rumbaugh, Janis K to Hawley, William S/Fuller, Cody C, 532 S. Shawnee St., Lima, $28,500

Smith, Gary J/Smith, Angela L to Boyd, Heather/Boyd, John, 605-611 N. Charles St., Lima, $52,000

Smithey, Jill N to Wright, Matthew, 1610 Hazel Ave., Lima, $133,500

Tax Ease Funding 2016-1 Reo, LLC/Tax Ease Funding 2016-1, LLC/Cazenovia Creek TE Investment Management, LLC/Caz Creek Tax Lien Fund, LLC/Cazenovia Creek Investment Management LLC to Boulevard and Lane Residential LLC, 1132 Richie Ave., Lima, $18,000

Yoakim, Kamal/Bibawy, Nabila/Yoakim, Kamal Nader Tadros Wtta to Youkim, Rafat, 1062 W. Market St., Lima, $36,100


Marquart, Beverly to Buildings, Metals and Lumber, LLC, 2450 Cremean Road (1 acre), Lima, $40,000


Brown, Jeffrey S/Brown, Tina M to Fay, Daniel S/Fay, Bobby Jo, 3939 Gomer Road and Gomer Road (7.506 acres, 6.149 acres, 5 acres, 5.121 acres and 0.873 acre), $533,400

Fetter, Stephen L/Fetter, Brenda K to Mears, Brian D/Mears, Catherine, 2594 Susan Ann Drive, Lima, $140,000

Humphrey, Deborah S Executor/Estate Of Wayne Clifford Ramga to Varga, Sean D/Varga, Kyra Opal, 664 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $88,000

Johnson, Tyler Alexander to Bollinger, Matthew D, 3007 Freyer Road, Lima, $96,100


Ayers, Terry L/Ayers, Janice K to Ricker, Anthony C/Ricker, Andrea, 330 Lutz Road (0.77 acres), Lima, $210,000

Bassett, David E/Bassett, Kimberly S to Bassett, Christopher L/Bassett, Katie A, 633 Hefner Drive, Lima, $154,300

Blevins, Jerry/Blevins, Rhonda K to Kelly, Joseph B, 2901 Reservoir Road (2 acres), Lima, $130,000

Davis, James A/Davis, Krystal L to Ricker, Austin/Ricker, Rosabella, 3775 Slabtown Road (0.323 acres), Lima, $80,000

Harris, Jeffrey M to Kroninger, Tyler S/Kroninger, Jessica, 4435 E. Bluelick Road (1.48 acres), Lima, $100,000

Harris, Jeffrey Matthew Trustee/Jeffrey Matthew Harris Trust to Kroninger, Tyler S/Kroninger, Jessica, North Dixie Highway (8.313 acres), Lima, $32,000

Kentury LLC to Mendoza, Camille Bailey Alvarez/Mendoza, Jhonniel Jose Alvarez, 3260-62 N. Dixie Highway (1.436 acres), Lima, $35,000

Teders, Jeffrey A/Teders, Tina to Sensibaugh, Michael D, 3120 Ada Road (0.413 acres), Lima, $155,000

White, Cason/White, Stacy to Bushong, Kyle J/Anders, Jennifer, 2446 Fetter Road (2 acres), Lima, $310,000

Wilson, Tamara V to Boersma, Randal T/Boersma, Holly, 620 Willard Ave., Lima, $115,000


Gillettt, Matthew R/Gillett, Rachel A to Liska, Michael A/Liska, Emilee A, 168 Garmatter St., Bluffton, $160,000


Rieck, Linda A to Bilen, David/Bilen, Roger, 103 N. Perrysburg Road, Cairo, $35,000


804 Kids LLC to Klir, Erin N, 804 Lima Ave., Delphos, $80,000


Orick Stamping, Inc. to Orick, Gregory S, 602 Kiracofe Ave. (1.45 acres) and 612 E. Kiracofe Ave. (0.504 acre), Elida, $114,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Fsb/Christina Trust Trustee DBA Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust/Alta Residential Solutions, LLC Attorney In Fact to Lotz, Anthony/Romanski, Sherri, 110 Kruse Alley, Elida, $45,000


Bowman, John E/Bowman, Betty A to Paxson, Austin/Paxson, Emily, North Napoleon Road (1.545 acres), $33,000


Port Authority of Allen County to Lima Commerce Parkway, LLC, Stoll Parkway (15.927 acres), Lima, $487,900


Armentrout, Edward S/Armentrout, Loretta P to Segovia, John T, 1601 Reed Road, Lima, $95,000

Boat, Madison to Sunderland, Harold G/Sunderland, Diana L, 3325 Wilbur Drive, Lima, $245,000

Freed, Ronald A Jr/Freed, Cynthia J to Deeds, Abigail L/Deeds, Scott W, 737 Kiowa Trail, Lima, $229,100

Gahman, Denise Guardian/Davis, Clayton Cooper Estate/Sampson, Sara Guardian/Davis, Shirley Jane Estate to Cook, Kenneth C/Cook, Jenny L, 5246 Shoshone Trail, Lima, $192,000

Murry, Morgan L/Murry, Cedrick to Hennon, Devin D, 4136 Susan Lane, Lima, $105,500

Riegle, Shawn D/Riegle, Christina M to Leffler, Jess, 3468 Redbud Lane, Lima, $176,000


Lee, Nancy E/Lee, Jeffrey to Bacome, Thomas L/Bacome, Elizabeth A, 600 E. 4th St., Spencerville, $77,500


Adams, Joshua/Adams, Catie/Arthur, Trevor to Gales, Laverne S II, 115 Wein St., Spencerville, $4,000

King, Phyllis J to Miller, Karen W/Huffman, Alison A, 135 Primrose Place, Spencerville, $92,000

Sherwood Brats, LLC to Thompson, Michael C/Stemen, Adam R, 603 Sunset Ave,. Spencerville, $125,000

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Deeds `93`79`68

Mortgage `94`107`95

Land contracts `0`1`0

Releases `78`212`83

Uniform commercial code `0`0`3

Terminations `0`0`1

Miscellaneous `62`49`61

Military discharges `7`3`1

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