Land transfers, Aug. 6-12

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Deeds `75`100`79

Mortgage `71`110`107

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Releases `86`92`212

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Miscellaneous `49`45`49

Military discharges `2`0`3

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 6 through 12. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


419 Homes, LLC to Vanvoorhis, Bryan A, 1006 Burch Ave., Lima, $44,000

C&C Property Management, LLC to Handshoe, Jamie, 513-515 W. Vine St., Lima, $19,000

Contini, Brian A to Bush, Mark/Diepenbrock, Shelly, 1812 Idlewild Drive, Lima, $150,000

Handshoe, Jamie E to B & D Investments Firm Trust, 510-512 W. Kibby St., Lima, $7,500

Honey Run Investments LLC to Lima Refining Company, 1346 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $36,000

JNK Properties LLC to Fighter Bees LLC, 405 Findlay Road, Lima, $90,000

Richards, Christopher R to SR Home Renovations LLC, 938 N. West St., Lima, $3,500

Rocin Holdings, LLC to Beantown Redevelopment, LLC, 100-102 and 124 N. Jameson Ave. and 1027-1027 1/2 W. High St., Lima, $700,000

Smith, Anthony to Williams, Sheldon E, 337 Laney Ave., Lima, $9,300

Telles, Rena M/Wobler, Roberta A Attorney In Fact to Roebuck, Nicholas A, 330 Detroit St., Lima, $32,200


Ronald J. Meyer and Marilyn D. Meyer to Christopher M. Broecker, 8989 Shaffer Road (18 acres), Spencerville, $170,000.


Ansley, Jarilyn L/Good, Rickey Gene/Good, Sandra/Ansley, Thomas to Ross, William P/Ross, Douglas J, 1729 Victoria Lane, $150,000

Bushong, Kyle J to Dircksen, Roger H/Dircksen, Patricia A, 112 Geneva Lane, Lima, $180,000

Holloway, Thomas L/Holloway, Melisa A to Eversole, David A, 2911 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $89,900

Johnson, Lyle K/Johnson, Vicky L to May, Tyler, 3883 Allentown Road, Lima, $145,000

Kenyon Properties, Limited to Wellman Homes, LLC, 3120 Kenyon Drive, 3134 Kenyon Drive, 3146 Kenyon Drive, 3418 Kenyon Drive, 3436 Kenyon Drive, 3472 Kenyon Drive, 3475 Kenyon Drive, Lima, $87,000

Kenyon Properties, Limited to Wellman Homes, LLC, Hollar Avenue (0.251 acres), Lima, $3,000

Miller, Merle Mark/Miller, Ruth E to S & W Agri-Investments, LLC, 4275 N. Cable Road (5.231 acres), Lima, $550,000

Rummel, Sharon L Executor/Estate Of Charles Edward Bailey to Flanagan, Steven A/Flanagan, Robin K/Gaus, James A/Gaus, Joanne H, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 62, Lima, $22,000

Smith, Dennis R/Smith, Susan R to Shema, Robert/Shema, Brenda, 5237 Shores Lane (2.206 acres), Lima, $455,000

Sunderland, Harold G/Sunderland, Diana L to Thompson, Seaton, 2238 N. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $122,000

Wee Sisters, Inc. to Mays, Joshua E/Mays, Lisa L, 1977 Pine Lake Drive, Lima, $280,000


Hornsby, Eva M/Bahling, Jean E Attorney In Fact to Jacobs, Vaneesa R, 4180 Sugar Creek Road (2.213 acres), Lima, $143,000

Mowery, Sheila J to Swallow, Robert E/Swallow, Jodi, 295 S. Thayer Road (0.949 acres), Lima, $7,500

Ricker, Anthony/Ricker, Andrea to Averesch, Gregory L Jr, 331 Earl Ave., Lima, $86,000

Sroufe, Terry L/Sroufe, April Joy to Boone, Jessica/McKissick, Jacob, 547 Monticello Drive, Unit 2-D, Lima, $67,000

Thompson, Roger N/Thompson, Rexine K to McCormick, Sharon, 3836 Yale Ave., Lima, $132,000

Young, David A Jr to Boedicker, Danny, 4231 E. Bluelick Road, Lima, $150,000


Candido, Maicon Roberto/Manfre, Eliana Nunes to Lieurance, Keaton R/Lieurance, Sierra M, 170 Hillcrest Drive, Bluffton, $204,900

Northeast Allen Property Holdings, LLC to Rogers, Christopher R/Raagas-Rogers, Analyn, 589 Harmon Road, Bluffton, $108,000


Dackin, Richard D/Dackin, Stephen Attorney In Fact to Hurley, Richard D/Hurley, Tammy J, Church Street (0.347 acres), Cairo, $43,500


Fritz, Kelly Marie/Wolery, Anthony to Bonifas, Korey P, 632 Harmon St., Delphos, $92,000

Keirns, Jane R to Keirns, Jordan R/Keirns, Abbie J, 908 E. Third St., Delphos, $70,000

Kies, Ericka E to Sheeran, John/Sheeran, Sue, 802 Fort Jennings Road, Delphos, $145,500

Kline, Emily R to C Realty LLC, 834 N. Main St., Delphos, $80,000

Martin, Timothy R/Martin, Natasha to Clark, Eric E, 1116 Rozelle Ave., Delphos, $144,000

Reinemeyer, Joseph R/Reinemeyer, Jennifer M to Brinkman, Matthew J/Brinkman, Lindsay C, 1206 Ricker St., Delphos, $218,000


Melson, Tommy D to Wireman, Shane A/Wireman, Kirsten J, 6045 Harding Highway (1.195 acres and .0.91 acres), Lima, $140,000


Amburgey, John A/Amburgey, Patricia A to Shafer, Christopher L/Shafer, Lucinda J, Washington Street (22.408 acres), Lafayette, $240,000

Kimmel, John P to Michael, Douglas L/Michael, Valerie R, 410 Park Ave., Lafayette, $90,000


Langmeyer, Anthony S to Slygh, Jaydan, 5370 Redd Road, Delphos, $150,000


Davis, Donald Paul to Barnes, Richard James/Barnes, Katherine T, 8476 Ottawa Road (0.5 acres), Lima, $125,000


Brotzki, Marcus J/Brotzki, Renee C to Boitnott, Ann M, 1321 Forest Drive, Lima, $133,500

Croft, Penny S to Vonderembse, Curtis J, 5890 Spencerville Road (23.456 acres), Lima, $320,000

Gray, Sharon K to Palte Family Farms, LLC, South Dixie Highway (28.129 acres), Lima, $261,400

McConnell, Steven G/McConnell, Diana F to Pinnacle Development, Design & Construction, LLC, 3040 Lakeshore Drive, Lima, $57,500

Miller, Allison D to Lawrence, Alexander M/Lawrence, Khenna, 1686 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $149,000

Mowery, Jeanne A to Imondi, Sarah, Shawnee Road (10 acres), Lima, $77,500

Sanford, Edward L/Sanford, Vickie L to Kutka, Valerie L, 3000 Tawa Drive, Lima, $132,000

Shindledecker Family Trust/Shindledecker, Ruth E Trustee to Troyer, Sarah M, Walnut Court, Lima, $1,500

Stokes, Janelle J/Heitmeyer, Karie Leigh Attorney-In-Fact to Huffman, Jennifer A, 2505 Struthmore Drive, Lima, $106,000


Broecker, Christopher M to Fairchild, Garry L, 12750 Zion Church Road (1.98 acres), Delphos, $170,000


Foust-Wollam, Julia M to Work, Tiffany, 507 E. 5th St., Spencerville, $72,000

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Deeds `75`100`79

Mortgage `71`110`107

Land contracts `0`1`1

Releases `86`92`212

Uniform commercial code `0`0`0

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `49`45`49

Military discharges `2`0`3

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