Land transfers, July 30-Aug. 5

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Deeds `86`78`100

Mortgage `86`92`110

Land contracts `1`1`1

Releases `58`104`92

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `0`0`1

Miscellaneous `62`80`45

Military discharges `0`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 30 through Aug. 5. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Anders, Kathleen M to McCollum, Donald C/McCollum, Betsy A, 601 Chapman Ave., Lima, $104,000

Ash, Ralph/Ash, Laura to McDuffie, Tommy J, 1001 Brice Ave., Lima, $16,000

Bowsher, Michael W/Bowsher, Sara D to Lawler, Jerica, 1856 Wendell Ave., Lima, $158,000

Cartagena, Michael to Saucer, Gregory, 1212 Virginia Ave., Lima, $72,000

J.R. Real Estate, LLC/Neidich, Robert to Sanko Investments, LLC, 71 Town Square, Lima, $210,000

Crumrine, Kathryn S/Crumrine, Chad to Santiago, Maxwell/Santiago, Carlene A/Santiago, Eugene, 773 Ilata Ave., Lima, $87,400

HRF Corporation to Kerns, Joshua C/Kerns, Meagan E, 5111 Surrey Lane, Lima, $33,000

Lucas, Donald to Northrup, Jordan Ross/Northrup, Nadia Saba, 518 E. Albert St., Lima, $29,000

McDuffie, Tommy J to Ja Stinsx, LLC, 1001 Brice Ave., Lima and 421 N. Charles St., Lima, $9,700

Mosher, Timothy to Hanna, Josh, 340 N. Pears Ave., Lima, $30,000

Page, Mark A/Page, Mary K to Shirey, Bailey E, 560 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $96,000

Reynolds, Duane D Ii to Rumbaugh Properties, LLC, 1501 Rice Ave., Lima, $46,500

Russell, Tiffany/Russell, Shawn Sr to Stubblefield, Aaron, 609 Catalpa Ave., Lima, $6,000

Samuel Phillip Properties, LLC to Lomker, Jordan D, 1330 Essex Drive, Lima, $42,000

Sarven, Brian C/Sarven, Jill M to Musil Investments, LLC., 1421 W. Wayne St., Lima, $19,000

Sarven, Brian C/Sarven, Jill M to Musil Investments, LLC, 917 E. Albert St., Lima, $4,000

Smith, Barry Lee/Smith, Cynthia Lynn to Fannin, Munroe, 2872 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $224,900

Smith, James/Smith, Janice to Goldthwait, William J Jr/Goldthwait, Liam J/Goldthwait, Laura, 941 N. Main St., Lima, $63,500

Smith, Nancy to Jones, Joseph A/Jones, Mary, 2620 Kenny Lee Drive, Lima, $265,000

T & L 777 Investments, LLP to Dunifon, Rolland, North Union Street (0.262 acres), Lima, $2,000

Wood, Teresa J to Owens, Shanita T, 709 Meadowbrook Drive, Lima, $99,000


Mills Rd, LLC to Mauk, Karl D IIMills Road (3.355 acres), Lima, $35,000

Moeller Land & Cattle Company, Inc. to Balo, Robert M, 2698 S. Defiance Trail (12.894 acres and 0.424 acres), Spencerville, $275,000


Blew, Ann E/Blew, William F/Atkin, Laura A/Atkin, Jeffery to Rose, Robert S, 3105 N. West St., Lima, $68,000

Carter, Patricia A to Manley, Arnold, 2275 Reindell Ave., Lima, $83,800

Davis, Jeffry R/Davis, Dorothy C to Polen, Jason A/Jackson, Pamela L, 4431 East Road (0.826 acres), Lima, $155,000

Jefferson Development, LLC to H & L Group, LLC, 102 Hartford Court, 108 Hartford Court and 112 Hartford Court, Lima, $182,000

Reed, Mark V/Reed, Sondra K to Phan, Hung C, 4866 Marciel Drive, Lima, $230,000

Roll, Juanita D to Shaffer, Kymberly/Shaffer, Corey M, 3774 N. Kemp Road (3.522 acres), Lima, $265,000

Ross, Keith Stuart Co-Trustee/Ross, Nancy Co-Trustee/Benito Trust/Pacific Premier Trust Successor By Merger/Pensco Trust Company, LLC Custodian Fbo/Ross, Keith S Ira Account to Shady River LLC, 2809 Elida Road, Lima, $50,000

Sarchet, Richard C/Sarchet, Kim M to Cox, Steven W/Cox, Katharine A, 1518 Chancellor Drive (0.55 acres), Lima, $250,000

WD Lima Investors, Ltd to Vision 2 Investments LLC, 707 N. Cable Road, Lima, $250,000


Hefner, Carol S/Hefner, Larry G to Richardson, Gary/Richardson, Deborah, 2291 Lawrence Road (2 acres), Harrod, $150,000


Frank, Thomas M/Frank, Rebecca L/Frank, Jacob M to Schroeder, Cheyenne V, 608 Bristol Ave., Lima, $118,000

Lieurance, Keaton R/Lieurance, Sierra M to Marfo, Joseph G, 119 Kingsbury Court, Lima, $180,000

McGinnis, Kathy Trustee to Shreeji Real Estate, LLC, 1801 N. Dixie Highway (0.197 acres), Lima, $105,000

Melton, William to Winters, Cara L, 1595 N. Thayer Road (1.1377 acres), Lima, $117,000

Spieldenner, Stephen F/Harnisch, Christina M Attorney In Fact/Spieldenner, Jaime L to Zwiebel, Josh W, 2753 N. Dixie Highway (5.768 acres), Lima, $163,000


Cheney, David D/Cheney, Anna M to Nichols, Dwight A/Nichols, Jean A, 662 S. Main St., Bluffton, $175,000

Nichols, Dwight A/Nichols, Jean A to Black Swamp Arms LLC, 107 Sally Lane, Bluffton, $155,000

Three S Development Group, LLC to Reichenbach, Mona L, 309 and 311 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $130,000


Fletcher Family, LLC/Garcia, Linda L/Fletcher, Gail E/Fletcher, John A/Platt, Nan L to Fletcher, John Andrew, 527 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $98,000


Gossard, Bradley/Gossard, Rachel to Kempher, Julia A/Elswick, Michelle R, 5180 Lopez Drive, Lima, $23,800

Gossard, Bradley/Gossard, Rachel to Sizemore, John C/Sizemore, Janice M, 5200 Lopez Drive, Lima, $236,000

Wallace, Patricia J/Wallace, Charles W to Augsburger, Brad A/Augsburger, Wanda, 1500 N. Cool Road, Lima, $132,600



Good, Wilmer K/Good, Miriam L to Williams, Gregory T/Williams, Shannon M, 8120 Bliss Road (0.694 acres), Lima, $169,900

Wood, Brenda L/Wood, Mark J to Wood, Sheila A, 5324 Redd Road (0.459 acre and 1.19 acre), Delphos, $170,000



Blair, James F Executor/Estate Of Marilyn J McGilliard to King, Dennis R/King, Tonia M, Thayer Road (79.044 acres), Lima, $436,800

Walker, Lawrence R to Schafer, Megan/Spees, Dylan M, 1349 Glenn Ave., Lima, $101,000

Williams, James D/Anspach, Sarah Ann Attorney In Fact to Vanhoose, Lacie Jo/Dyer, Damien J, 1874 Bowman Road (5 acres), Lima, $135,000


Gibson, Susan Tuttle/Gibson, Ricky E to Unruh, Schuyler A/Unruh, Donald S, 8175 Lugabill Road (1 acre, 1 acre, 0.5 acre and 0.5 acre), $275,000


Balo, Robert M to Martinez, Elvin E/Martinez, Jessica, 1520 Crayton Ave., Lima, $179,000

Conaway, Marcia F to Fullmer, Matthew C/Fullmer, Veronica L, 1234 Timberlane Drive, Lima, $126,500

Gorman, Cynthia J/Gorman, Glen R to Carlier, James W, 1350 Wonderlick Road (.3615 acre), Lima, $158,500

Hartung, F Michael/Hartung, Nancy K to Gill, Jaskaran Singh/Null, Sarah Elizabeth, 4830 Wenatchi Trail, Lima, $290,000

McBride, William Brice to Hunt, Jerry J, 2340 S. Wapak Road (0.762 acre and 0.493 acre), $55,000

Ralston, Luke J/Ralston, Lora M to Coby, Sean L/Coby, Kelsie L, 2934 Westimber Court, Lima, $235,000

Smith, Rulon Carter/Smith, Lindsey Waits to Ralston, Lora M/Ralston, Luke J, 3546 Fort Amanda Road (1.49 acres), Lima, $385,000

Stedke, Daven Trustee/Catahoula Revocable Living Trust to Riffle, Pamela A, 2654 Jonathon Drive, Lima, $270,000


Stout, Douglas E/Stout, Teresa E to Hasson, Matthew J, 12825 W. Union Road (1 acre and 1 acre), Spencerville, $140,000


Loma, LLC to Nungester, William L/Nungester, Gorgiann, 206 Oak Drive, Spencerville, $30,000

Zenz, Kory S/Zenz, Maria J to Hawkey, Daniel F Jr/Hawkey, Annette Marie, 420 W. 4th St., Spencerville, $253,000


Long, Darren R/Long, Julie E to Bear, Marla Beth Trustee/Marla Beth Bear Revocable Living Trust, 5620 Dutch Hollow Road, Lima, $170,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `86`78`100

Mortgage `86`92`110

Land contracts `1`1`1

Releases `58`104`92

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `0`0`1

Miscellaneous `62`80`45

Military discharges `0`0`0

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