Land transfers, July 16-22

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Deeds `90`63`92

Mortgage `82`106`120

Land contracts `0`0`1

Releases `74`100`216

Uniform commercial code `0`2`1

Terminations `1`1`2

Miscellaneous `68`39`72

Military discharges `8`2`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 16-July 22. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Ashbaugh, Deanna Successor Executor/Gaskill, Frank B Estate to G & SN Leasing LLC, 805 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $66,900

Beard, Larry/Beard, Karen R to Bishop, Michael J, 491 Wildbrook Lane, Lima, $405,000

Carpenter, Dean/Carpenter, Bonnie J/Niese, Lisa/Niese, James E to Pratt, Tyler L, 966 Crestwood Drive, Lima, $122,000

Coby, Sean D/Coby, Kelsie Leigh to Torres, Louis M, 624 Maplewood Drive, Lima, $120,000

Cook, Virginia L to Cook, Charles R, 425 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $10,000

Facilita Ltd. to Wiechart Investment Properties LLC, 580 W. Grand Ave., 411 Ewing Ave., 822 N. Metcalf St., 607 Prospect Ave., 1021 Brower Road, 136 Edwards St., 325-327 S. Pierce St., 215 N. Woodlawn Ave., 1570 W. Wayne St., 714 N. Metcalf St., 2012 Oakland Parkway and 2018 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $510,000.

Furchak, Jeremy S/Furchak, Misty L to Fuller, William R/Langworthy, Devany D, 1435 N. Central Ave., Lima, $67,000

Furley, D Jeanne to Hucks, Willie, 404 E. Elm St., Lima, $17,500

Herring, Terri Ann to Earl, Forest M, 427 Marian Ave., Lima, $56,000

Hoehn, Walter/Hoehn, Colene T to Ablborn, Austin J/Schott, Alyssa M, 1605 Hazel Ave., Lima, $105,000

LBC Investments, LLC to Simpson, Terry Lee/Simpson, Cynthia Irene, 3509 Camden Place, Lima, $244,400

Lima Pulmonary Realty, LLC to West Ohio Properties, LLC, 750 W. High St., Suite 300, Lima, $705,800

Lyra Ltd. to Wiechart Investment Properties LLC, 846 N. Metcalf St., 1624 W. Wayne St., 1124 N. Main St., and 116 E. Edwards St., Lima, $220,000.

Offenbacher, Brandon L/Offenbacher, Melissa to Robey, Ethan C/Velliquette, Megan, 1328 Melrose St,. Lima, $123,000

Peake Properties, LLC to PMS Property Management, LLC, 912 S. Metcalf St., Holly Street and 918 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $275,000

Rampath LLC to Mason, Marvin Ellis/Mason, Erin Michelle, 320 North Shore Drive, Lima, $20,400

Sisler, Karen S/Sisler, Garrett W to Bishop, Samantha M, 1840 W. Wayne St., Lima, $104,500

Steed, Pamela K to Hamilton, Shirley, 918 Franklin St., Lima, $10,000

Sunderhaus, Janis L/Sunderhaus, Robert G to Martin, Ricky W, 808 E. Albert St., Lima, $10,000

Wakefield, Kelly L/Wakefield, Benjamin to Compton, Jamie Sr, 2231 Wales Ave., Lima, $64,000

Walsh, Steven M/Walsh, Deborah C to Domus Investment Partners, LLC, 344-346 S. Lincoln Ave. and 405-407 S. Lincoln Ave., Lima, $210,000


McPheron, John M Co-Trustee/Gibson, Michele R Co-Trustee/McPheron Property Management Trust to Dye, Devin/Dye, Kylie, Coon Road (18.477 acres), Lima, $147,200


Bruin, Michael P/Bruin, Ruth E to Williams, Brian R/Williams, Anne M, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 29, Lima, $28,500

Fx Net Lease Holdings LLC/ Fv Real Estate Management, LLC to Amarpan, LLC, 2339 Elida Road, Lima, $2,876,300

Hanna, Salim/Hanna, Tammula D to Bagley, Robin, 709 Gloria Ave., Lima, $129,000

Hugger, Robert T/Hugger, Cynthia A to Eiben, Perry W, 1689 N. Wapak Road, Lima, $286,000

Hutchins, David J/Hutchins, Rebecca/Kigar, Rick Private Selling Officer to Rumbaugh Properties, LLC, 1593 Plainfield Drive, Lima, $60,500

Lamey, Shenouda Vector/Lamey, Katherine to Burns, Thomas A, 370 S. Stevick Road, Lima, $111,000

Parker, Timothy D/Parker, Cynthia S to Bollinger, Branden J/Bollinger, Josie L, 5515 Poling Road, Lima, $168,500


Hites, Jerrilyn L to Carter, Roger G, 8590 Bellefontaine Road (1 acre), Harrod, $40,000


Cramer, Gary L to Garcia, Sergio/Garcia, Maria, 3157 Harding Highway (.837 acres), Lima, $129,000

Creating Home Buying Solutions, Inc. to Meadows, Brittany K/Meadows, Jerome E, 5544 Reservoir Road (0.461 acres), Lima, $132,500

McCoy, Raymond S Jr/Neville, Elspeth to Mosley, Noah W/Mosley, Savannah, 707 Ward Ave., Lima, $90,000

Sprague, Marian L to Whitehead, Jonathan S/Whitehead, Jennifer S, 150 Greenbriar Court, Lima, $193,000

Wireman, Scott A/Wireman, Renae to Klay, George H/Klay, Celeste M, 2525 N. Cool Road (5 acres), Lima, $420,000


S & S Truck Sales, Inc. to Hobbs, Thomas William, 6622 Foust Road, Columbus Grove, $169,000


Granger, Jason A/Granger, Beth E to Caprella, Andrew J/Caprella, Ann M, 511 Greding St., Bluffton, $255,000

Leis, Catherine H to Fett, Robert A, 504 Cherry St., Bluffton, $130,000


Hurley, Ruth C/McGue, Kathleen S Power Of Attorney to Sawyer, Nathan D III/Sawyer, Brittany N, 620 Wall St., Cairo, $170,000


Bockey, Robert E/Bockey, Barbara J to McNamee, Shannon D, 820 N. Moening St., Delphos, $48,000


Simpson, Terry L/Simpson, Cynthia I to Russell, Zachariah, 4992 Carriage Lane, Lima, $214,000

Stambaugh, Ted Eugene to Parsell, Valerie D, 2814 Hummingbird St., Lima, $184,000


McIntosh, Janice A/Clum, Jean M/Clum, Stanley R/Oberly, Mark J/Oberly, Carla J to Egbert Investments Ltd, Bentley Road (60.366 acres), Bluffton, $340,000


Beery, Thomas G to Slygh, Paul M/Slygh, Amanda L, 6600 Ridge Road (1.489 acres) Lima, $100,000

Clark, David J to Maenle, Eric W, 3777 N. Kemp Road (0.505 acres), Lima, $141,000


Robey, Steven M/Robey, Pamela S to Opperman, Aron/Opperman, Megan C, Stadler Road (2.784 acres), Lima, $35,000


Fisher, Kendra A/Fisher, Robert L III to Blevins, Jerry A/Blevins, Rhonda K, 3521 E. Hanthorn Road (2.503 acres), Lima, $22,000

Gray-Wright, Bryce/Gray-Wright, Torie to Shockency, Christi, 1815 Greely Chapel Road, Lima, $115,000

Long, Rick E/Long, Jean A to Lapoint, Kody, 2014 E. Breese Road, Lima, $200,000


Ashton, Kathleen to Lontz, Brooke E, 3233 Spencerville Road, Lima, $129,900

Bush, Patrick C/Bush, Colin G to McGue, Kay E, 1291 Fairgreen Ave., Lima, $145,000

Cain, Michael H/Cain, Carol I to Haines, Timothy A/Haines, Denise A, Zurmehly Road (10.54 acres), Lima, $68,300

Coulter, David A/Coulter, Emily J to Byrne, Cheryl/Byrne, Richard, 3051 Huron Place, Lima, $181,500

Donadio, Jack V Trustee/Jack V Donadio Revocable Living Trust/Burden, Bruce J Successor Trustee to Burden Homes, LLC, 4560 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $268,000

Green, Randy A/Green, Connie J to Green, Nathan, 5740 McClain Road (5 acres), Lima, $55,000

Selhorst, Keith B/Selhorst, Stacey L to Brooks, Steven P/Brooks, Dawn, 1970 Shawnee Road, Lima, $195,000

Witte, Kate J to Collins, Paige M, 4535 Meadow View Drive, Lima, $255,000


Brenneman, Lynn Alan/Brenneman, Kami P Attorney In Fact to Gancos, Shannon J, 509 E. 6th St., Spencerville, $22,800


Watkins, Willard R/Watkins, Nancy to Watkins, Travis Dean/Bellman, Anna Nicole, 3300 W. Lincoln Highway (2.5 acres), Lima, $50,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `90`63`92

Mortgage `82`106`120

Land contracts `0`0`1

Releases `74`100`216

Uniform commercial code `0`2`1

Terminations `1`1`2

Miscellaneous `68`39`72

Military discharges `8`2`1

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