Land transfers, July 2-8

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Deeds `59`88`60

Mortgage `63`96`88

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `99`82`65

Uniform commercial code `1`0`0

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `34`43`27

Military discharges `2`0`4

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 2 through July 8. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Brown, Denise H to Riddle, Charles A/Arellano Reyes, Nancy N, 2010 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $119,900

Davis, Nathan to Warnecke Rental Properties, LLC, 129 E. Kildare Ave., Lima, $54,000

Davis, Shirley S to Bradford, Harold, 228 W. Vine St., Lima, $18,000

Denney, Jessica Trustee/323 S Rosedale Trust to Merschman, Jessica, 323 S. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $109,500

Eilerman, Patricia J to Mayer, David M, 588 Calumet Ave., Lima, $35,000

Fay, Bobby Jo/Fay, Daniel S to Cain, Nancy J, 1322 Helen Ave., Lima, $120,000

Gearing, Blaine/Gearing, Michelle to Wooten, John H Jr, 900 Mackenzie Drive, Lima, $119,000

Grumblis, Cora L to Godsey, Drayvonte M, 925 and 933 E. Vine St., Lima, $6,000

Jones, Michael D/Jones, Emily L to Taylor, Anthony D, 1834 Lowell Ave., Lima, $120,000

Little, Sidney Jr/Little, Sharon D to Williams, Shane M, 414-416 E. Albert St., Lima, $50,000

Metzger, Daniel J/Metzger, Elaine E to Turney, Roxanna/Turney, Joshua C, 240 Primrose Place, Lima, $126,000

Miller, Bryan D. to Lott, Rashad A, 403 Garfield Ave., Lima, $8,000

Moore, Brenda to Knuckles, Arthur L, 1201 Reese Ave., Lima, $4,000

Smith, Jaylene to Metz, Gracyn M/Metz, Randal, 1510 Riverview Drive, Lima, $192,900

Sunderland, Jacob G/Sunderland, Chelsea M to Grimm, David C/Schramm, Megan Elizabeth, 1631 Diller Road, Lima, $131,500

Taylor, H Frank/Taylor, Autry B to Bliss, Taylor A, 1151 S. Central Ave., Lima, $8,000


Antalis, Gregory M Executor/Sherrick, Wayne Edward Estate to Sherrick, Daniel E/Sherrick, Mary Ann, Wapak Road, $10,000

Hoff, Heidi N/Hoff, James to Waldick, Kathy L, 4875 Sycamore St., Lima, $145,000

North West Street Rentals, LLC to Quiet Life Delphos, LLC, 4263-6265 N. West St., Lima, $124,900

Reyes, Brittany N to Uncapher, Zachary/Uncapher, Sarah, 3450 N. Kemp Road, Elida, $163,000


Robey, Ronald B/Robey, Lynn F to Anderson, Lesa Louanne/Anderson, Tony Edwin, 3090 E. Bluelick Road (0.166 acre), Lima, $155,000

Sawyer, Brittany N/Sawyer, Nathan D III/Sawyer, Nathan D II/Sawyer, Ellena to Combs, Richard J/Richardson, Amber D, 100 Highland Lakes Drive (9.31 acres), Lima, $275,000


Hoffman, Matthew D to City Of Delphos, OH, part of East Fifth Street, Delphos, $300

Teman, Jason A to W & K Thompson, LLC, 521 E. Jackson St., Delphos, $65,100


Bow-Rock Enterprises, LLC/Shaffer, Kymberly N/Shaffer, Corey to Erb, Dalton G/Erb, Ashley B, 709 Wilwood Ave., Elida, $157,300


Davis, Megan J/Davis, Michael A to Carey, Garrett C/Carey, Courtney, 2327 N. Phillips Road (1.482 acres), Harrod, $120,000


Bender, Kara to Bender, Kristina, 5010 Ream Road (2.4809 acres), Lima, $111,000

Clark, Coleman Jr to Johnson, A’Zaria Josephine Z’Hane, 1609 S. Central Ave., Lima, $1,000

Handshoe, Terry I to Andrews, Codey/Andrews, Mary, 1997 Garland Ave. and 1401 E. 9th St., Lima, $114,000


McGarrity, Jayne E Trustee/Robert E Barnett Living Trust to JBSN Real Estate, LLC, 6075 Rockport Road (151.883 acres), Columbus Grove, $584,700

Shrider, Corey T to Faine, William W II/Faine, Laura M, 9480 Augsburger Road (0.6 acres), Bluffton, $164,900


Bibler, Ronald C/Bibler, Arlene F to Froman, Jack D/Froman, Gwen S, 1870 Leffler Drive, Lima, $143,000

Foust, Steven P Jr/Foust, Heather M to Novo, Richard A/Novo, Patricia M, 1112 Wardhill Ave., Lima, $15,000

Foust, Steven P Jr/Foust, Heather M to Novo, Richard A/Novo, Patricia M, 2307 Pleasant View Ave., Lima, $15,000

Hostetler, Austin to Pedlow, Joan C/Pedlow, Anna M., 2607 Struthmore Drive, Lima, $136,800.

LBC Investments, LLC to Croft, Penny S, 3511 Camden Place, Lima, $245,000

Lockwood, Michael A/Lockwood, Angela Kay to Souders, David Adam, 1915 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $130,000

Page, Anna L to K&N Investments & Consulting Inc.,2319 Chipman Ave., Lima, $34,900

Ritzman, James Lee/Ritzman, Marcia Lee to Mofield, Kelly F/Mofield, Brian T, 128 Tolowa Trail, Lima, $245,000

Thomas, Jerald F/Thomas, Belinda F to Lehman Enterprises, LLC, 1753 Reed Road, Lima, $55,000

Vermillion, Mary Eleanor/Schuster, Jan E Attorney In Fact to Peura, Kyle R J, 3164 Clement Drive, Lima, $150,000

Wellman Homes, LLC to Jones, Michael D/Jones, Emily L, 3532 Weldon Drive, Lima, $265,000


Birt, Kenny to King, Tyler D/King, Emily A, 411 E. First St., Spencerville, $99,000

Fuerst, Nicholas A/Fuerst, Evany M to Montague, Jaron, 320 N. College St., Spencerville, $85,000

Moeller Land & Cattle Company, Inc. to Edwards, Robert J/Edwards, Tessa L, 221 S. Elizabeth St,. Spencerville, $68,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `59`88`60

Mortgage `63`96`88

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `99`82`65

Uniform commercial code `1`0`0

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `34`43`27

Military discharges `2`0`4

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