Land transfers, June 18-24

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Deeds `71`77`87

Mortgage `64`101`116

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `59`72`110

Uniform commercial code `2`3`2

Terminations `3`31`1

Miscellaneous `40`46`95

Military discharges `1`0`2

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 18 through June 24. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Atkins, Philip/Gill, Roger to Sielschott, Timothy R/Sielschott, Katherine E, 122 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $91,600

Bell, Marilyn J to Pulfer, Eric L/Pulfer, Ermel M, 1801 Idlewild Drive, Lima, $117,000

Gross, Charles K to Sterling, R Todd, 442 McPheron Ave., Lima, $15,000

Hawbecker, Byron/Lechner, Denise Attorney In Fact to Carmean, Dante, 420 S. Charles St., Lima, $94,300

Its For Sale LLC to Morris, Angela, 1517 N. Central Ave., Lima, $51,300

Jarrell, Shaun D/Jarrell, Shana L to Jarrell, Holly N, 650 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $57,000

Jolliff, Shayne W/Jolliff, Heather D to Gross, Kenneth/Gross, Samantha, 1182 Bahama Drive, Lima, $70,000

Kahle, Noralu/Kahle, Gerald J/Gossard, Elizabeth Ramona to Bryant, Carla, South Main Street, Lima, $1,000

Kauffman, Bryant L/Kauffman, Katlynn G to Moore, Troy L/Moore, Angela S, 1970 Brookwood Drive, Lima, $114,000

Kelley, Paige to Price, Colton A, 605 Chapman Ave., Lima, $115,000

Langle, Bruce/Langle, Barbara/Burgess, Paula/Burgess, Daniel/Staup, Nancy to Mayer, Vicki, 1865 Huntington Drive, Lima, $140,000

Litwiller, Jacob/Litwiller, Stephanie to Klausing, Sydney, 1536 Latham Ave., Lima, $112,000

Medesta Investments, LLC to Sizemore, Austin J/Sizemore, Melanie K, 1014 Brice Ave., Lima, $69,900

Osman, Margaret B to Prowant, Tammy, 630 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $75,500

Prince, Leon Timothy/Prince, Kayla Attorney In Fact to York Gate Properties LLC, 517 E. 4th St., Lima, $14,000

Ritchie, Randall/Ritchie, Melai D to Fellman, Greggory D/Fellman, Ikuko, 624 Tall Oaks Ave., Lima, $154,000

Sackinger, Nickoli to Schwartz, Joshua A, 1821 Rice Ave., Lima, $115,000

Stambor, Howard D Successor Trustee/Helen Stambor Living Trust to Winkler, Thomas J/Winkler, Tricia L, 2215 W. Wayne St., Lima, $170,000

Uncapher, Zachary/Uncapher, Sarah to Huffer, Christopher J/Huffer, Courtney, 110 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $120,000


Keysor, Ronald W/Keysor, Pamela R to Grothjan, Robert A/Grothjan, Danielle C, 8400 Shaffer Road, Delphos, $210,000

Kimmet, Daniel L/Kimmet, Cynthia S to Kimmet, Erik W, 1499 N. Conant Road (5 acres), Lima, $55,000

Ward, Darlene E to Bolinger, Matthew, 2745 Defiance Trail (1 acre), Spencerville, $52,000


Castle, Tesa N to Sutton, Evan/Sutton, Kalie, 5050 Marciel Drive, Elida, $155,100

Corwin, Brian W/Corwin, Sarah D to Alicea, Jose E Avevedo/Gonzalez, Sheila M, 2850 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $120,000

Cross, Thomas J Iv to Hylton, Llewellyn A/Hylton, Elizabeth A, 105 Burlington Place, Lima, $160,000

Frost, Gregory A Trustee/Frank H Frost Revocable Trust to Tenwalde, Dennis Lee Co-Trustee/Tenwalde, Cynthia Lynn Co-Trustee/Cynthia Lynn Tenwalde Revocable Trust, 2965 Vera Way, Lima, $151,000

Hartman, Donald/Hartman, Danelle to Scheid, Vincent P/Scheid, Tina J, 4933 Lobo St., Lima, $176,000

Hooker, Paul Joseph to Miller, Logan Nathaniel, 1005 Warren Ave., Lima, $30,000

HRF Corporation to Kerns, Joshua E/Kerns, Meagen E, 5111 Surrey Lane, Lima, $33,000

Lewis, Renee Tammy Louise to Keysor, Ronald W/Keysor, Pamela R, 1601 Edgewood Drive, Lima, $172,000

Wannemacher, Margaret A to Bands Three Properties LLC, 2377 Allentown Road, Lima, $108,000


Jones, Keri D/Jones, Trevor D to Schick, Logan D, 6500 Bellefontaine Road (0.262 acres), Lima, $85,000


Bryan, Rhonda L Successor Trustee/Dorothy L Kersker Living Trust to Leffler, Jake M/Nealleffler, Ashley B, 1786 Fett Ave., Lima, $154,000

Hutchison, Shane/Hutchison, Nicole to Hermiller, Brandon D/Hermiller, Neisha A, 100 Carlos Lane, Lima, $240,000

Legge, Dylan/Legge, Elyse to Patton, Logan B/Patton, Courtney E, 810 Canyon Drive, Lima, $182,800

O’Reilly, John D Trustee/John D O’Reilly Revocable Living Trust to McMillan, Jessica M/McMillan, Edwin C/Smith, Melissa B, 205 Devonshire Drive (0.228 acres), Lima, $238,000

Pugh, Frank E Jr/Pugh, Gwendolyn Y to Burden, Cindi L, 911 Kingswood Drive, Lima, $129,000


Wyant, Jeremy L/Wyant, Kelly M to Willis, Ethan, 118 W. Washington St., Bluffton, $125,000


Ardner, Nolan S/Ardner, Carey to Schroeder Holdings & Investments LLC, 1109 N. Washington St., Delphos, $44,000

Cooper, Aaron M/Violet, Kacia to Fitch, Nicholas M, 534 E. 4th St., Delphos, $113,000


Patton, Logan B/Patton, Courtney to Fay, Tyler D, 110 W. Main St., Elida, $135,000


Barnes, Kaitlin M to Keck, Joseph Jr., 6060 Sugar Creek Road (3 acres), Lima, $150,000


Burrell, Denise Ellen/Burrell, Dean Adrian to White, Sharon Lynne/Renshaw, Jennifer Lee, 2005 St. Johns Road, Lima, $40,000

Wireman, Shane A/Wireman, Kirsten to Hunter, Jodee R, 3700 Greely Chapel Road (0.56 acres), Lima, $78,000


Downey, Steven D/Downey, Christine L to Butts, Charles L II, 2664 Summer Rambo Court, Lima, $285,000

Hiles, Joyce/Hiles, Roger/Harrison, Lisa/Harrison, Randy/Merkle, Linda/Merkle, Stan/Bruns, Nadine/Bruns, Allen to Hamric, Joel T/Hamric, Emily R, 3710 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $239,900

Imus, Daniel P/Imus, Kayli E to Nusgart, Erica/Nusgart, Adam, 3209 Greens Road, Lima, $191,900

Johnson, Gregory D/Johnson, Gail to Gossard, Scott Lee, 2310 Arcadia Ave., Lima, $34,000

Kinkle, David S Trustee/Michael Owen Kinkle Trust to Kinkle, Sandra Sue, 1606 Tanglewood Lane, Lima, $50,000

Simmons, Nucgael E to Imus, Daniel P, 824 Haida Trail, Lima, $163,233

Stedke, Daven Trustee/Catahoula Revocable Living Trust to Gephart, John A Jr/Gephart, Starr K, 2680 Summer Rambo Court, Lima, $267,000

Tenwalde, Dennis Lee Co-Trustee/Tenwalde, Cynthia Lynn Co-Trustee/Cynthia Lynn Tenwalde Revocable Trust to Guagenti, Cecelia R, 2250 Seneca Drive, Lima, $176,000

Tippie, Shannon R/Tippie, Toby to Murphy, Jason M/Murphy, Sharla R, 111 Ponderosa Lane (5.222 acres), Lima, $540,000


Adams, Barbara Elizabeth/Barton, Sheila M Attorney In Fact to Stout, Douglas E/Stout, Teresa E, 1510 Kolter Road, Spencerville, $130,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `71`77`87

Mortgage `64`101`116

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `59`72`110

Uniform commercial code `2`3`2

Terminations `3`31`1

Miscellaneous `40`46`95

Military discharges `1`0`2

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