Land transfers, June 4-10

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Deeds `96`74`88

Mortgage `57`106`113

Land contracts `1`4`0

Releases `56`145`71

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `1`0`0

Miscellaneous `39`53`37

Military discharges `0`1`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 4 through 10. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Black, Denise R/Black, James L III to Mitchell, Monica, 839 W. Elm St., Lima, $25,000

Chaffins, Judith L/Chaffins, Donald/Crates, David R/Crates, Carol L/Crates, Michael J/Crates, Kimberly A to Moore, Margie M, 839 Mackenzie Drive, Lima, $80,000

Cook, Priscilla C/Daley, Douglas A Attorney In Fact to Loescher, Keith A, 1865 Lowell Ave., Lima, $114,000

Cunningham, Brittney L to Luchini, Nicholas G, 119 Cheshire Circle, Lima, $164,100

Garling, William E to Wood, Kimberly, 1007 W. Market St., Lima, $4,500

Hammersmith, Amanda M/Hammersmith, Erik to Blake, Andrew, 107 Harper Ave., Lima, $123,000

Hunt, Steven M to Gibson, David Anthony, Sara Lee Avenue, Lima, $13,100

James, Carol R/James, Jerry L/Tisdale, Rosey M to Doughty, Nekosha T, 519 Catalpa Ave., Lima , $11,300

Johnson, Henry Clayton to Kirkman, McKenzie, 1405 Hazel Ave., Lima, $7,500

Johnson, Todd A/Johnson, Leah A to J & L Mooney Holdings LLC, 1495 Reservoir Road, Lima, $150,000

Jones, Stephanie J to Davidson, Gary W, 617 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $22,000

Juett, Teressa M to Kirkendall, Russell L/Kirkendall, Michelle M, 1165 E. 4th St., Lima, $40,000

Lamb, Robin L Trustee/Lamb Family Irrevocable Living Trust to Cairo, Devin/Kesler, Lauren, 1932 Burch Ave., Lima, $95,000

Lima Vault, LLC to C&C Property Management, LLC, 215 W. Market St., Lima, $120,000

Manley, Kevin to Evans, Terek R, 203 W. 4th St., Lima, $30,800

Nutt, Reed E Successor Trustee/Virgiana A Johnson Revocable Living Trust to Guffey, Jonathon Allen/Guffey, Jayde, 602 Cornell Drie, Lima, $87,500

Pence, Wayne A/Reichelderfer, Nicole L Attorney In Fact to Northrup, Jordan Ross/Northrup, Nadia Saba,825 Richie Ave., Lima, $34,000

Peters, Shane/Peters, Katelyn D to Wallen, Marie, 1402 Ellison Drive, Lima, $89,900

Rice, Darrel R/Rice, Danielle to Miller, Justin, 672 Westbrook Drive, Lima, $102,000

Stephenson, Scott O/Stephenson, Pamela S to Stoner, Gary Jr, 421 S. Jameson Ave., Lima, $42,000

Stoll, Stacy N to Hoven, Angelette Ten, 1801 Wendell Ave., Lima, $103,000

T & S Jordan Rentals, LLC to Phalen Properties, LLC, 648 Marian Ave., Lima, $60,000

Upshaw, Tajah J Et Al/Bush, Mark Guardian/Guardianship Of Tre’Sean Jonathon Alan Upshaw/Upshaw, Ty’Lee Jay’von Ali/Wrencher, Emily Successor Guardian to McGee, Jeremy/McGee, Elizabeth, 329 S. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $98,700

Williams, Ella L to Williams, Otis, 1006 N. Cole St., Lima, $31,400


Cherry’s Propane Service, Ltd to Ferrell, Roger L Jr/Ferrell, Elizabeth A, North St. Marys Road (4.008 acres), Spencerville, $32,000

Kessler, Sharon Executor/Estate Of John W Baird to Gibson, Trisha L, 1595 S. Conant Road, Spencerville, $105,000


Camper, Larry to Pina, Brittany/Camper, Brandon, 4020 Pioneer Road (1.316 acres), Lima, $31,800

Elshoff, Steven/Elshoff, Aliya M to Yoder, Jonathon L/Yoder, Kayla M, 5564 Poling Road, Lima, $150,000

Handshoe, Terry to Sorrels, Durelle, 107 Harper Ave., Lima, $9,000

Henderson, Charles to Henderson, Randall E, 1716 Victoria Lane, Lima, $119,300

Nesbitt, William E Trustee/William E And Anne L Nesbitt Revocable Living Trust to Dggenti Investments, LLC, 5483 Nesbitt St., Lima, $70,166

Peters, David/Peters, Anna to Smithey, Zachary D/Smithey, Jill N, 5913 Timberstone Drive, Lima, $259,000

Rex, Jeffrey E/Rex, Denise M to Shirk, Krista R, 1648 Victoria Lane, Lima, $170,000

Shafner, Tanya L Executor/Shuster, Keith Richard Estate to Green, Brandon J/Green, Natalie K, 3741 Citibria Drive, Lima, $193,000


Deleon, Mark E/Deleon, Darcy J to Crumrine, Trey, 5045 S. Napoleon Road (2.02 acres), Harrod, $126,600

Wehrly, Jordan T to Pletcher, Dylan J, 1850 S. Napoleon Road (1 acre), Harrod, $119,900


Blue Oval Kids, LLC to Rex, Jeffrey E/Rex, Denise M, 4093 Brookshore Drive, Lima, $167,433

Cox, Wilfred G/Cox, Anita E to Smith, James E, 811 Canyon Drive, Lima, $222,000

Denney, Jessica Trustee/205 N. Leonard Trust to Alfaro, Fidencio Ramirez, 205 N. Leonard Ave., Lima, $64,700

Scheid, Tina J/Scheid, Vince to Thaman, Timothy M/Thaman, Roberta A, 450 E. State Road (1.5 acres), Lima, $289,000

Speildenner, Stephen F/Harnisch, Christina M Attorney In Fact/Spieldenner, Stephen F to Renner, Jerrod, 225 Devonshire Drive, Lima, $138,000

Whitehead, Jonathan S/Whitehead, Jennifer S to Shafer, Christopher K, 4645 Wolfe Road (0.998 acre), Lima, $160,000


Dailey, Austin C/Dailey, Krystal to Bassitt, Brent, 243 E. Elm St., Bluffton, $124,000

Gilica, Cynthia/Gilica, Milan/Brodman, Amber/Brodman, Jared/Brodman, Roger/Brodman, Douglas/Brodman, Donna/Brodman, Joel/Brodman, Tracie/Kibele, Paula/Kibele, Jan/Carr, Lisa/Carr, James/Amsler, Donita/Newland, Marla/Newland, David/Brodman, Jenna to Brauen, Mark Kenneth/Brauen, Rhonda Lynn, 148 N. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $95,000


Sweeney, Scott D/Sweeney, Nichole L to Young, Gabriel D/Young, Ashley L, 716 Beechwood Place, Elida, $200,000

Un-Doc’D, LLC to Gibson, James S/Gibson, Donna J, 303 Plum Circle, Elida, $30,000


Houston, Lamar K/Houston, Sharon D to Staley, Cody/Staley, Sarah, 2722 N. Phillips Road (1.506 acres), Harrod, $202,000


Young, Gabriel D/Young, Ashley L to Evans, Brandon M/Evans, Jennifer D, 3525 McBride Road, Delphos, $141,500


Amstutz, Sharon G/Downing, Eric B/Downing, Carolyn to Banks, Colten R/Banks, Danielle M, 7845 Napoleon Road, Columbus Grove, $210,000

Breidenbach, Tyler M/Breidenbach, Lauren E to Michel, Austin/Michel, Kelsey, 111 Alpine Drive, Bluffton, $230,000


Haliena, George Jr/Haliena, Gary Lyn Attorney In Fact/Haliena, Mildred to Jones, Linda G, 1900 Sara Lee Ave., Lima, $105,000

Klein, Harry W Jr./Klein, Ronda Jill to Breidenbach, Troy M/Breidenbach, Cindy J, 2811 Oak Hill Court, Lima, $500,000

Lawson, Michael G to Sherrianne Ventures, LLC, 3791 Shawnee Road, Lima, $91,600

MJK Real Estate Investments to Vanvoorhis, Chad R, 1459 Southwood, Lima, $70,000

Vanvoorhis, Chad R/Vanvoorhis, Tia M to Duran, Christopher J, 1459 Southwood, Lima, $74,900


Grigsby, Earl E to Lensch, Dustin/Lensch, Alicia M, 305 W. North St., Spencerville, $86,200

Kill, Paula L Executor/Fox, Georgia Jean to Gay, Byron S, 433 Charles St., Spencerville, $75,000


Smith, James E to Sauder, David Allen/Sauder, Rachel Ann, 3108 W. State Road (7.065 acres), Lima, $420,000

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Mortgage `57`106`113

Land contracts `1`4`0

Releases `56`145`71

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `1`0`0

Miscellaneous `39`53`37

Military discharges `0`1`1

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