Land transfers, May 28-June 3

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Deeds `88`53`74

Mortgage `83`75`106

Land contracts `0`1`4

Releases `74`71`145

Uniform commercial code `2`2`0

Terminations `1`0`0

Miscellaneous `37`44`53

Military discharges `0`0`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 28 through June 3. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Cromes, Keith E to Burgoon, Gregg, 1100 W. High St., Lima, $15,000

Lima Alexander Rentals LLC to Grisby, Terrence, 818 Hope St., Lima, $31,000

M & L Rental Enterprises, LLC to Brown, Jeffrey R, 1401 S. Main St., Lima, $2,500

Moonstarz Enterprises, LLC/Morlock, Lester J Jr to Neth Properties, LLC, 574 Hazel Ave., Lima, $28,500

Moore, Margaret to Spahr, Stephen, 421 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $22,000

Neumeier, Dennis/Neumeier, Beverly K to Gibson, Sherman, 501 and 501 1/2 W. Vine St., Lima, $23,000

Oth Investments LLC to Galdamez, Axel/Trabanino, Cidia Julieta, 1401 St. John’s Ave., Lima, $13,000

Pifer, Jeanene Diane to Lewis, Kathryn M, 306 N. Westwood Drive, Lima, $47,000

Rone, Joshua R/Rone, Natalie to Tyre, Edsel D/Tyre, Sheril Ann, 1603 W. Spring St., Lima, $53,333

SMJ Trailers, LLC to Garbry Road of Allen County, Ltd, 974 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $57,500

Swartz, Jacob/Swartz, Lynn to Norton, Zach, 2260 Kunneke Road, Lima, $43,500


Hunnell, Charles W to Modic, Joseph, 151 S. Copus Road, Lima, $108,500

James Hilton, LLC to Hesseling Brothers’ Enterprises, LLC, East Road (18.82 acres), Lima, $90,000

Lotz, James R/Lotz, Kathleen M to Keller, Brenda S/Keller, Thomas J, 3907 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $235,000

Music, Brad/Music, Jamie Lynn to Grubb, Charles D/Grubb, Roxanne M, 4501 East Road, Lima, $119,000


Heuerman, Peter A/Heuerman, Brenda K to Heuerman, Garrett/Heuerman, Alyssa, 11111 Amherst Road (1 acre), Harrod, $90,000

Regula, Dylan P/Regula, Heather to Neal, Scott A/Neal, Teraca D, 8525 Harrod Road (2.5 acres), Harrod, $216,000


Fial, John/Fial, Kelly Ann to Fial, Daniel R, 539 Monitello Ave., Unit 1, Lima, $58,000

Sawyer, Nathan D II/Sawyer, Nathan D III/Sawyer, Ellena/Sawyer, Brittany to Law, Timothy D Jr/Law, Kaitlin, Highland Lakes Drive (5 acres), Lima, $90,000

Stites, Gary L/Stites, Linda D to Best Deal Rentals, LLC, 2145 N. Dixie Highway, Lima, $100,000

Stites, Gary L/Stites, Linda D to Best Deal Rentals, LLC, 2145 N. Dixie Highway (13.719 acres), Lima, $1,700,000


Breidenbach, Troy/Breidenbach, Cindy J to Askins, Ryan D/Arisco, Lauren F, 342 S. Main St., Bluffton, $418,000

Emmert, Jan Paul/Sabater Emmert, Diana to Vast, Anna B, 322-324 N. Main St., Bluffton

Hancock Investor Group, LLC to KMLL Properties LLC, Mound Street (.404 acres), Bluffton, $5,000

Michel, Austin/Michel, Kelsey to Schnipke, Alexander J/Schnipke, Tatum J, 502 W. Elm St., Bluffton, $150,000


Altenburger, Dennis R/Altenburger, Debra K to Erman, Clay J/Erman, Karla S, 1231 Christina St., Delphos, $290,000

Grandma Cake, LLC to Ebbeskotte, Barbara A, 613 Harmon St., Delphos, $100,000


Orick, Monica/Orick, Paula/Orick, Gary to Orick, Gregory S, 614 E. Kiracofe Ave. (0.672 acres, 0.46 acres, 0.32 acres), East Main Street, Elida, $1,275,000

Spencer, Susan K to Adam, Bradley W/Adam, Brenda S, 304 Cherry Blossom Court, Elida, $212,000


Emerick, Steven M/Emerick, Jill E to Plaugher, Blair A/Plaugher, Nathan A, Harding Highway (20.026 acres), Lima, $114,000

Klingaman, Kurtis D/Klingaman, Hannah E to Hoy, Brandon L, 10275 Reservoir Road (5 acres), Lima, $205,000

Stark, Brian K/Stark, Janet Ann to Carroll, Theran E/Carroll, Victoria Anne, 4995 N. Napoleon Road (1 acre), Lima, $125,000


Furry, Pamela A to Swaney, Brad, 305 Kentucky St., Lafayette, $40,000


Lima (Cairo) DOHP, LLC/Dollar Texas Properties Xv, LLC to Kussmaul, Joseph E/Kussmaul, Kimberly M, 6594 Ottawa Road, Cairo, $1,160,000


Blair, James F Executor/Estate Of Merilyn J McGilliard to Stalnaker, Robert D, 1330 S. Thayer Road, Lima, $60,000


Boat, Tina R to Amysel Land, LLC, 1518 Fairview Drive, Lima, $105,000

Brandesky, Joseph E Jr/Brandesky, Athalie L to Phillips, Jordan/Phillips, Joy, 855 Algonkin Trail, Lima, $179,500

Lane, Anthony D to Lockwood, John H/Lockwood, Sandra, 1691 Sunrise Drive, Lima, $219,000

Lora, Matthew C/Lora, Kristi J to Breidenbach, Tyler M/Breidenbach, Lauren E, 110 Mohawk Court, Lima, $275,000

Mohler, Eric W to Meiring, Ann E/Meiring, Paul, 2071 Maplewood Lane, Lima, $135,000

Nagem, Hassan to Hoblit, Ashley, 3018 Pecan Ave., Lima, $170,000

Rutter, Kimberly A to Fisher Investment Properties Inc., 2226 Western Ohio Ave., Lima, $52,300

Shaw, Joseph A/Shaw, Kristin to Thomas, John M II/Pyle, Tiffany M, 2049 High Ridge Road, Lima, $215,000

Smith, Geraldine B to Aebker, Eric, 4885 Shawnee Road, Lima, $45,000

Tyrrell, Thomas J/Tyrrell, Alan D/Daniels, Lisa H/Tyrrell, Sarah/Tyrrell, Bethany A to Volbert, Timothy P/Volbert, Mary E, 6249 Agerter Road, Lima, $150,000

Zerante, Lorie J to Lee, Jami L/Lee, Trenton M, 1551 Adak Ave., Lima, $198,000

`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `88`53`74

Mortgage `83`75`106

Land contracts `0`1`4

Releases `74`71`145

Uniform commercial code `2`2`0

Terminations `1`0`0

Miscellaneous `37`44`53

Military discharges `0`0`1

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