Land transfers, May 14-20

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Deeds `103`75`77

Mortgage `70`78`108

Land contracts `0`1`2

Releases `85`65`85

Uniform commercial code `1`0`0

Terminations `1`1`0

Miscellaneous `47`43`40

Military discharges `4`0`2

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 14 through 20. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Caprella, Jared M to Pinn, Dimetrius, 2160 W. Wayne St., Lima, $93,000

Cotton, Belinda/Armstead, Gwendolyn/Anderson, Alicia/Peterson, Vickie/Armstead, Valerie/Armstead, James Jr/Anderson, Greg/Peterson, Mack Jr to Alexander, Titiona, 1111 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $10,500

DNN Holdings, LLC to Kirkhoff, Ryan M, 584 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $73,300

Doute, Donald C/Doute, Bonny D to Ritter, Marissa L/Wilson, James N, 407 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $75,000

Johnson, Michael D to Clair, Irma, 335 Garfield Ave., Lima, $1,000

Kroll, Douglas J to Rose, Ryan M/Rose, Rachel M, 1720 Mound Road, Lima, $120,000

Lima Alexander Rentals LLC to Gibson, Sherman E, 121 E. 2nd St., Lima, $5,000

Lyons, Richard E/Lyons, Nila Marie to Daniel, Thomas E, 710 Fairview Ave., Lima, $20,000

Main St. Homes-Lima, LLC to Vanhart, Anthony S/Vanhart, Abby, 1930 W. Market St., Lima, $187,500

Mort, Lori J to Croft, Joseph/Herr, Nicole, 1201 N. McDonel St., Lima, $6,500

Myers, Lawrence R/Myers, Amarae D to Nunley, Robert/Nunley, Natosha, 715 S. Cable Road, Lima, $89,000

Northwest Advance Cardiology, Inc. to Tran, Lisa, 1471 W. Market St., Lima, $360,000

Reeves, Brian E/Reeves, Marcia Anne to Zurek, Ron, 1 Runyan Court, Lima, $74,000

Ribley, Craig J/Ribley, Jill to Cramer, Mackenzie/Cramer, Veronica, 305 N. Westwood Drive, Lima, $103,800

Rumbaugh Properties, LLC to Rosengarten, William G, 613 Meadowbrook Drive, Lima, $124,500

Swaney, Ralph W/Singer, Sally Attorney In Fact to Fox, Sheila L/Fox, Drew M, 616 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $58,000

Valenti, Angela to Jarvis, Travis L, 634 S. West St., Lima, $50,000

Venturella, John A/Venturella, Diane L to Donovan, Megan A, 708 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $80,000

Warthem, Christopher L Et Al/Warthem, Alicia/Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar to Bank Of New York Mellon/CWABS Inc./Asset-Backed Certificates/Series 2006-7, 1924 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $40,000


Sullivan, Edward J/Sullivan, Nancy E to Leach, Audrey L/Leach, Tyler J, South Grubb Road (3.348 acres), Lima, $305,000


Hambleton, Carl W/Hambleton, Barbara K to Ribley, Craig J/Ribley, Jill N, 4897 Carriage Lane, Lima, $215,000

Moening, Steven C Executor/Moening, Patricia D Estate to Mullane, Daniel J/Mullane, Carmen G, 3026 Vera Way, Lima, $140,000

Peters, David/Peters, Anna to Wenger, Maureen E, 1566 Chancellor Drive, Lim, $229,000


Roberts, Destiney Dawn/Roberts, Nolan Eugene to Goble, Kylee Elayne/Goble, Rory Paul, 6081 S. Napoleon Road and Amherst Road, Harrod, $74,000


Bennett, John H/Bennett, Sue E to Wagner, Ronald R, Lutz Road (0.046 acres), Lima, $1,000

Carder, Marilyn A to Suarez, Nicholas/Suarez, Kristin, 2374 Bluelick Road (.918 acres), Lima, $134,000

Coleman, John J/Coleman, Susan D to Garver, Camerson S/Garver, Megan E, 140 Greenbriar Court, Lima, $232,000

Lyons, Nancy E to Matthews, Amanda J, 2724 Lost Creek Boulevard, Lima, $124,000

Mayer, Ronald L Jr/Mayer, Randi L to Leach, Rebecca M/Leach, Ronnie M, 3560 N. Dixie Highway, Lima, $120,000

McKee, Shawn/McKee, Bonnie A to Cozad, Brittiney L, 4330 N. West St., Lima, $82,000

Tomlinson, Gregory C II/Tomlinson, Holly to Fisher, Chad A, 668 Fenway Drive, Lima, $164,000

Weaver, Marvin Trustee/Dugan, Linda Trustee/Weaver Keystone Preservation Trust to Schmidt, Richard E/Schmidt, Debra S, 110 Cheshire Circle, Lima, $139,000


Frederick, George E/Frederick, Joan M to Pohlman, Keith/Pohlman, Emily, Swiss Circle, Bluffton, $35,000


Klinger Investment Properties, LLC to Hart, Andrew D, 447 S. Washington St., Delphos, $89,900


Hoffman, Gerald J/Hoffman, Kathleen A to Kristoff, Linda L, 119 Orchard Drive, Elida, $216,000

Kristoff, Linda L to Sarno, Jason/Sarno, Katelynn M, 310 Cherry Blossom Court, Elida, $238,000

Sarno, Jason A/Sarno, Katelynn M to Lombardo, Michael/Lombardo, Taylor, 5665 Clover Ridge Drive, Elida, $175,000

Shurelds, Sherita N to Goodman, Amber Renee, 4719 Stonecrest Place, Elida, $318,000

T & K Vennekotter, LLC to Legge, Dylan L/Legge, Elyse M, 2110 Larkspur Drive, Lima, $250,000


Young, Lisa to Devier, Gavin M, 260 S. Walnut St. (.698 acres), Harrod, $110,000


Spallinger, Anna Mae/Spallinger, D Scott Attorney In Fact to Spallinger, Timothy P/Spallinger, Kelly A, North Phillips Road (114.314 acres), Harrod, $250,000

Willner, Gloria Jean Administrator/Graff, Terry Wayne Estate to Epley, Judith K/Epley, David L, 186 N. Phillips Road (2.406 acres), Harrod, $115,000


Clark, Edward C/Clark, Donna M to Conley, Ryan M/Conley, Nicole L, 6718 Kiggins Road (1 acre), Delphos, $239,900

Sandlin, Cheryl A to Hall, Ashley L/Bahner, Kristopher A, 3483 Cremean Road, Lima, $131,000


Mericle, Steven M/Mericle, Tammie L to Kaufman, Ronald M/Kaufman, Roni, 9161 Columbus Grove Bluffton Road (5 acres), Bluffton, $350,000


Caprella, James M/Caprella, Mary L to Thompson, Michael/Thompson, Leticia, 5A Mews Road, Lima, $250,000

Zeiler, James M/Zeiler, Cynthia M to Cox, Jonathan K, 2390 S. Wapak Road (2.05 acres and 1 acre), Lima, $193,500


Belt, Thomas H/Belt, Cindy A to Shellenbarger, Jeremy R/Shellenbarger, Andrea B, 744 Eastgate Drive, Spencerville, $230,000

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Deeds `103`75`77

Mortgage `70`78`108

Land contracts `0`1`2

Releases `85`65`85

Uniform commercial code `1`0`0

Terminations `1`1`0

Miscellaneous `47`43`40

Military discharges `4`0`2

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