Land transfers, April 30-May 6

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Deeds `75`70`81

Mortgage `55`104`116

Land contracts `1`0`0

Releases `54`58`57

Uniform commercial code `0`1`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `52`40`117

Military discharges `2`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running April 30 through May 6. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Amerson, Martese J to Hall, Debra, 960 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $9,400

Broadstone BW Appalachia, LLC/Broadstone Net Lease, LLC./Broadstone Net Lease, Inc. to R.B. Sandrini Farms, L.P., 2948 Allentown Road (1.488 acres and 0.5 acres), Lima, $5,186,000

Buzz Enterprises, LLC to McCracken, Curtis A, 517 W. Ashwood Ave., Lima, $112,000

Callahan, Carolyn M to Sunderhaus, Janise/Sunderhaus, Robert, 417 S. Lincoln Ave., Lima, $35,000

Cook, Chandler R/Cook, Mary to Hirsch, Brenna R, 1255 N. Baxter St., Lima, $80,000

Cooper, Richard J II/Cooper, Stacey M to Cook, Mary M/Cook, Chandler R, 1615 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $93,500

Hillard, Robert M to Banks, Lavada, 808 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $85,000

Lima American Legion Building Corporation to Martin, Ricky W, 593 Heindel Ave., Lima, $5,500

Moonriver Properties, LLC to Stemen, Kenneth D/Stemen, Paulette, 807 Mackenzie Drive, Lima, $114,900

Reuss, Jule R to Heise, George O Jr, 1567 N. Union St., Lima, $9,000

RSCF Lima LLC to James A. Rhodes State College, 118-126 E. Market St., 123-125 E. Spring St., 127 E. Spring St., 133-133 1/2 E. Spring St., East Spring Street, Lima, $145,000

S & J Company, LLC to Miller, Brandon S, North Elizabeth Street, Lima, $1,000

S & J Company, LLC to Tetrad Partners, LLC, North Elizabeth Street, Lima, $1,000

Smith, Alayna S to Kortokrax, Logan Robert/Maurer, Colleen A, 2926 Debbie Drive, Lima, $133,000

Tate, Jamie Trustee/Sturgill Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Rollins, Randy E/Rollins, Lori A, 2620 Carolyn Drive, Lima, $210,000

Vig, Elizabeth/Barhorst, Joshua M to Wygal, Quinn A/Hugebeck, Madison R, 860 S. Nixon, Lima, $75,000

Waters, Randy B Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Smith, Elizabeth, 617 S. Scott St., Lima, $8,000


Etgen, Oscar/Etgen, Martha to Dye, Devin/Dye, Kylie, Coon Road (13.126 acres), Lima, $95,000

Layman, Glenn/Layman, Kelly to Stolly, Timothy J, 3237 Coon Road (1.61 acres), Lima, $40,000


Baker, Donald/Baker, Gwen to Bowen, Theresa J/Bowen, Scott D, 2209 Carolina Ave., Lima, $149,900

Brenneman, Deanna R/Brenneman, Kirk J to Klinefelter, Walter James/Klinefelter, Miriam Kay, 895 N. Fraunfelter Road, $200,000

Brown, Kyle E/Brown, Jacklyn N to Downard, Daniel W/Downard, Jeri, 1760 Arlington Drive, Lima, $139,900

Gossard, Alexa S/Gossard, Annette A to Goens, Krista, 2550 Windsor Drive, Lima, $105,000

McGuire, Etheline/Turner, Megan to Turner, Nathan, 113 Eagles Point West, Lima, $165,900

North West Street Rentals, LLC to Metzger, Austin, 4245-4247 N. West St., Lima , $127,000


Clevenger, Paul H/Clevenger, Janet A to Ladicks, Michelle/Ladicks, Michael P, 3671 Harding Highway, Lima, $208,000

Oard, William M Executor/Estate Of William Clinton Oard to Craig, Curtis A, 4755 N. Thayer Road (4.66 acres), Lima, $75,000


Fleharty, Eric Todd/Fleharty, Kortney to Rayle, Brice M/Monday, Taylor D, 230 S. Jackson St., Bluffton, $111,000

Intagliata, Stephen P/Intagliata, Karen S to Shoemaker, Ryan D/Shoemaker, Jori, 578 Hunters Run, Bluffton, $292,500

Pearson, Andrew E/Pearson, Ashley M to Moser, Benjamin A/Moser, Juana Evania, 140 N. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $135,000

Roebke, Gleeanna to Majek LLC, 115 N. Main St., Bluffton, $128,000


Heitz Family Limited Liability Company to Schrader, James L/Schrader, Susan L, 628 Lima Ave., Delphos, $50,000

Wurst Corporation Of America, Inc. to Bach Properties LLC, 1457 N. Main St., Delphos, $5,000


Bower, Dion G/Bower, Stacy J to Dietrich, Krystal Dawn, 760 Napoleon Road (1.08 acre), Lima, $215,000

Staley, Byron L/Staley, Marilyn J to Fetter, Anita A/Fetter, Joe C, Sandusky Road (16.535 acres), $24,900


Neff, David W/Neff, Angela M to Cunningham, Russell E/Cunningham, Jamie L, 666-668 S. Hardin Road, Ada, $40,000


Blair, James F Executor/Estate Of Marilyn J McGilliard to Emerick, Logan, South Thayer Road (2.2 acres and 1.5 acres), Lima, $120,000


Kaufman, Ronald M/Kaufman, Roni L to Warner, Grant R/Warner, Emily M, 10017 Bixel Road (1 acre), Bluffton, $276,000

Rieman, Robert L/Rieman, Louise M to Anspach, Amy Marie, Zurflugh Road (2 acres), Bluffton, $24,000

Rumer, Anthony E/Rumer, Jill R to Garmatter, Jacob A, North Dixie Highway (5.168 acres), Bluffton, $34,000

Smith, Samuel D/Smith, Susie H to Anspach, Amy M, 9284 Zurflugh Road (1.24 acre), Bluffton, $215,000


Aldrich, Stephen R Jr/Aldrich, Sarah C to Hambleton, Carl Wayne/Hambleton, Barbara Kay, 1610 Leist Ave., Lima, $281,500

Cody, Arian to Faucett, Brian C/Faucett, Melissa, 4150 Shawnee Road (1.46 acres), Lima, $165,700

Leifer, Mary Ann/Bollinger, Christine M Attorney-In-Fact/Leifer, Mark to Castellanos, Paul Francis/Castellanos, Kathleen Ingraham, 4484 Indian Hill Drive, Lima, $528,000

Recker, Arthur J/Recker, Tammy L to Brock, Rebecca L, 2563 Breezewood Lane (0.548 acre), Lima, $377,000


Miller, Tim A/Miller, Nancy K to Boop, Christopher/Boop, Jessica, 748 Eastgate Drive, Spencerville, $240,000


Clum, Nancy K Trustee/Monetta L Lloyd Property Management Trust to Blighton, Gordon/Blighton, Stefanie, 6185 Gomer Road (3.3 acres), Lima, $150,000

Lloyd, Thomas A/Lloyd, Viola/Clum, Nancy K/Clum, Allen/Lloyd, Bruce G to Blighton, Gordon/Blighton, Stefanie, 6185 Gomer Road (3.3 acres), $75,000

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Deeds `75`70`81

Mortgage `55`104`116

Land contracts `1`0`0

Releases `54`58`57

Uniform commercial code `0`1`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `52`40`117

Military discharges `2`0`0

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