Wapakoneta’s electric department wins AMP honors

COLUMBUS — The City of Wapakoneta has been awarded Reliable Public Power Provider Platinum designation and the Certificate of Excellence in Reliability from American Municipal Power and the American Public Power Association.

The RP3 program recognizes utilities that demonstrate high proficiency in reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvement. There are three levels of designations, Diamond, Platinum and Gold. Wapakoneta’s Platinum designation is for a three-year period starting in 2020. Criteria within each of the four RP3 areas are based upon sound business practices and recognized industry-leading practices.

The Certificate of Excellence in Reliability recognizes utilities that placed in the top 25 percentile of reliability nationwide in 2019, as measured against the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s data.

“Wapakoneta’s commitment to reliability, safety and workforce excellence is commendable,” said Jolene Thompson, AMP president and CEO. “This recognition shows how dedicated the Wapakoneta Electric Department is to serving its customers.”

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