Lima Memorial recognizes associates’ longevity

LIMA — Lima Memorial Health System recognized nearly 200 associates with at least five years of service during a special ceremony at the University of Northwestern Ohio Event Center on Thursday.

Beth Hurles, an associate of 45 years; and Gloria Bratton, an associate of 50 years, were recognized.

Associates with 40 years of service included Kay Barber, Elaine Bass, Karen Donley, Cindy Dugranrut, Jeanne Hyde, Kimberly McClure, Janet Mcinturf and Jeffrey Wright.

Associates with 30 years of service included Peggy Baxter, Suzanne Lovejoy, Susan Schroeder, Beth Skym, Nichol Slate and Yong Stahr; 35 years of service: Patricia Miller, Rhonda Money, Melanie Sheridan and Joseph Simmons.

Associates with 25 years of service included Lynn Carpenter, JoAnn McDorman, Shannon Russell, Christine Shaffer, Burlin Sherrick, Dolly Thompson and Jill Wurst.

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