Land transfers, Feb. 27-March 4

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Deeds `54`84`60

Mortgage `52`56`65

Land contracts `1`0`2

Releases `39`79`108

Uniform commercial code `4`2`1

Terminations `0`0`0

Miscellaneous `28`78`42

Military discharges `3`1`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Feb. 27 through March 4. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Garcia, Raymond M to Garcia, Aaron, North Metcalf Street, Lima, $4,100

Groman, B Janet to Jacobs, Tonya M, 721 Brice Ave., Lima, $38,000

Klett, John M to Klett, Michael/Sizemore, Sara, 524 Haller St., Lima, $17,200

North Park Community Church/ Berean Baptist Church Fka/ Trustees Of North Side Baptist Church Lima, Ohio Fka/ Trustees Of Northside Baptist Church Fka/ Northside Baptist Church Of Lima, Ohio Fka/ North Side Baptist Church, Lima, Ohio, Of Allen County, Ohio Fka to Crosspoint Community Church, 615-631 Ashton Ave., Lima, $200,000

Rector, Peggy to Fultz, Kent, 400 N. Main St., Lima, $6,600

Serenity Investment Properties, Inc. to Morman, Levi, 1856 Lowell Ave., Lima, $128,000

Snyder, Timothy Et Al/Sheriff Of Allen County, Ohio/ Snyder, Paul to Page, Mark A/Page, Mary K, 560 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $46,000

Trennepohl, Chad A/Trennepohl, Sara to Vision 4 Investments, LLC, 811 Runyan Ave., Lima, $54,000

U.S. Bank Trust National Association, As Trustee/ Abs Reo Trust Iii/ Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. Attorney In Fact to Brand, Penny, 627 Linden St., Lima, $6,000

Waterford Townhomes Limited Partnership to Waterford Homes, LLC, 501-507 Hope St., 508 Hope St., 509-511 Hope St., 516-518 Hope St., 517-523 Hope St., 524 Hope St., 525-531 Hope St, 533-539 Hope St., 541-543 Hope St., 600-602 Hope St. 601-607 Hope St., 610 Hope St., 609-615 Hope St., 616-622 Hope St. 617-627 Hope St., 624-630 Hope St., 625-627 Hope St., 507 Nova St., 509 Nova St., 516-518 Nova St., 517-519 Nova St., 524-530 Nova St., 525 Nova St., 538 Nova St., Lima, $1,100,000

Waters, Randy B Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/ Waters, Nicole to Buckley, Billy/Mckinney, Abby, 719 N. Collett St., Lima, $12,000

Wright, Laura H to Warnecke, Matt G, 1807 Mound Road, Lima, $108,000


Art, Brian D/Murphy, Michele R to Gordon, Michael L/Gordon, Cathie A, 2610 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $193,500

Bechdolt, Scott/Bechdolt, Janie to H&L Group LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Units 1 and 3, Lima, $122,300

Bright Ohio, LLC to Parkway Rental Properties, LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Units 95 and 107, Lima, $82,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation/ Radian Settlement Services, Inc. Attorney In Fact to Morrison, Carl/Morrison, Linda, 525 S. Kemp Road, Lima, $81,500

Francis, Jean E to Myers, Juanita I, 15 Beaumont Place, Lima, $90,000

Guagenti, Marie Clare Trustee/Mcgue, Monica M Trustee/Marie Clare Guagenti Living Trust to Smiley, Donald E/Smiley, Renee L, 210 Timberfield Drive, Lima, $315,000

Kutka, Joseph J Iii/Kutka, Valerie L to Schoonover, Nicholas Trustee/Schoonover, Diane Dalenberg Trustee/Schoonover Family Trust, 522 Keresan Trail, Lima, $498,500

Shenk, Helen E to Bradley, Debra K, 3181 Diller Road, Lima, $125,000


Laundree, Nathan/Knerr, Krystina L to Trelfa, Candace, 5920 Clum Road, Lima, $119,000


Greiwe, Gary D/Greiwe, Judith V to Circle R Properties, LLC, 2150 Stewart Road (6.5 acres), Lima, $400,000

Hunt, Jerry J/Hunt, Jerry Aka/Hunt, Sandy to Rccc, Ltd, 418-420 S. Leonard Ave., Lima, $25,000

Perry, Lori Ann to Benjamin, Joshua M/Benjamin, Shyanna Elizabeth, 305 Devonshire Drive, Lima, $130,000


Friemoth, James A/Friemoth, Cecilia A/Friemoth, Jeffrey Attorney In Fact/Friemoth, Susan Attorney In Fact/Friemoth, Anthony Attorney In Fact to Friemoth, Jeffrey J/Friemoth, Amy J, 626 S. Main St., Delphos, $20,800

Miller, Mark A/Miller, Linda S to Hesseling, Tina M, 901 N. Main St., Delphos, $18,500


Nolan, Joseph A/Nolan, Susan to Zack, Greg P/Zack, Lori S, 4803 Willow St., Elida, $230,000


Allenbach, Chris Edward Executor/Estate Of Dorothy Jean Allenbach/ Estate Of Dorothy J Allenbach Aka/ Allenbach, Dorothy Jean Estate/Allenbach, Dorothy J Estate Aka to Pseekos, Thomas J, 3163 Inwood Drive, Lima, $165,000

Bechtel, Robert A/Bechtel, Cheryl L to Patermann, Marco/Robertson-Patermann, Jennifer, 2970 Sands Road, Lima, $485,000

Kohli, Kathleen M Co-Executors/Corwin, Brian W Co Executors/Estate Of Sharon Kay Shrider/ Estate Of Sharon K Shrider Aka/ Sharon Kay Shrider Estate/ Sharon K Aka Shrider Estate to Larue, Shawn A, 3295 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $139,000

Kriegel, David/Kriegel, Shirley C to Dempsey, Benjamin/Dempsey, Robin, 100 Hawthorne Drive, Lima, $335,000

Shawnee Development, Ltd to Marik, Donald K/Marik, Mary Ellen Webb/Webb Marik, Mary Ellen, 2777 Alexandria Drive, Lima, $49,000

Slusher, Dillon J to Miller, Alyssa G, 2503 Struthmore Drive, Lima, $52,500


Cira, Barbara E Co-Executor/Eutsler, Diane L Co-Executor/Estate Of Don R Graessle/ Graessle, Don R Estate to Monosmith, Timothy S/Monosmith, Jessica M, 304 Brett Lane, Spencerville, $71,500

Colgan, Andrew/Colgan, Lisa/Hennessy, Heidi L/Hennessy, Richard/Hamby, Jennifer/Hamby, Charlie to Monosmith, Timothy S/Monosmith, Jessica M, 304 Brett Lane, Spencerville, $71,500

Harruff, Dennis W Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/ Treasurer Evalyn M Shaffner to O’Neill, Adam, 213 W. 1st St., Spencerville, $600


Peters, David W Co-Trustee/Peters, Joseph H Co-Trustee/Lloyd W Peters Trust to Peters, Andrew W/Peters, Jessica J, Sherrick Road (33.75 acres), Lima, $236,300

`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `54`84`60

Mortgage `52`56`65

Land contracts `1`0`2

Releases `39`79`108

Uniform commercial code `4`2`1

Terminations `0`0`0

Miscellaneous `28`78`42

Military discharges `3`1`1

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