Land transfers, Jan. 30-Feb. 5

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Deeds `71`57`73

Mortgage `56`51`60

Land contracts `1`1`0

Releases `48`66`87

Uniform commercial code `2`0`2

Terminations `1`0`0

Miscellaneous `52`53`61

Military discharges `3`0`10

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Jan. 30 through Feb. 5. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Cochrane, H Owen to Phalen, Dennis L, 610 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $5,000

Humes, Patricia L to Reid, Dana C, 2987-2989 Cletus Parkway, Lima, $33,900

Jackson, Robert G/Jackson, Steven L/Jackson, June to Owens, Terrence L Sr, 1501 Hazel Ave., Lima, $67,000

Little, Cory to Hanby, Tammy, 1416 N. Central Ave., Lima, $65,000

Miller, Brandon S/Miller, Alicia N to Gurley, Shawn L/Gurley, Lashonda E, 673 N. Nixon Ave., Lima, $159,900

Other Company, LLC to Contreras, Fairy Luella/Sharp, Anthony Robert, 807 S. Union St., Lima, $9,800

Rutledge, John D to Schmidt, Michael E/Schmidt, Leisa M, 1200 Latham Ave., Lima, $35,000

Thomas, Marjorie M/Scheiderer, Lewis Attorney In Fact/Blackburn, Franklin Jr Attorney In Fact to North Park Community Church, 156 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $55,000

U.S. Bank National Association As Trustee/ Cim Trust 2018-R3/ Mortgage-Backed Notes/ Series 2018-R3/ Nationstar Mortgage LLC Attorney In Fact to Curtis, Paul, 933 W. Faurot Ave,. Lima, $34,500

Waters, Randy B Et Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/ Waters, Nicole to Binkley, Michael L/Binkley, Tyler J, 840 N. Baxter St., $20,000

Wilker, Ann L to Worley, Jacqueline, 660 Marian Ave., Lima, $69,900

Winegardner, Christopher A/Winegardner, Lynn M to Schuh, Anthony J, 237-239 S. Jameson Ave. and 1207 W. Market St., Lima, $63,000


Dawson, Scott C Executor/Dawson, Florence Maxine estate to Mull, Jon W/Fickel, Elizabeth R, 9075 Bice Road (1.689 acres), Spencerville, $130,000


Briggs, Dennis A/Briggs, Connie M to Musil Investments, LLC, 1190 W. Bluelick Road (0.48209 acres), Lima, $64,000

Gehr, Robert Jay Jr/Gehr, Marna M to Mault, Edward D/Mault, Carla, 4231 Allentown Road, Lima, $45,000

Richard M. Good, Leona Good and David L. Martin, attorney in fact, to Lynn R. Metzger and Suzanne L. Metzger, 3964 Running Oak Trail, Lima.

Juneau Development Company to Marzulli, Salvatore/Marzulli, Margaret E, 1981-1985 Jared Place, Lima, $145,000

Townsend, Ronnie Et Al/Private Selling Officer Rick A Kigar to Blue Steel Investments LLC, 1548 Richlieu Drive, Lima, $79,900

Joy E. Williams, executor of Buster Nichols estate, to Optimal Investments LLC, 1340 N. Cole St., Lima.

Worley, Jacquelin to Wreede, Craig A, 8 Beaumont Place, Lima, $113,000


Vanhoose, Jeffrey W/Neeley, Paul to Wireman, O’Neal Jr/Wireman, Karla K, South Napoleon Road (3.273 acres), Harrod, $14,200


Essinger, Rex A/Essinger, Diane K to Scott, Trevor A/Scott, Amy, 159 Hillcrest Drive, Bluffton, $206,500

Larson, Todd to McGarrity, Richard/McGarrity, Jayne, 514 W. Elm St., Bluffton, $116,500


Schwieterman, Mary Helen/Schwieterman, Jeffrey A Attorney In Fact to Feathers, Kathleen A, South Adams Street, Delphos, $5,000


Orion Development RA XXII LLP to Daniel G Kamin Delphos LLC, 440 Elida Road, Delphos, $1,587,000


Hilty, Michael D/Hilty, Debra K to Hilty, Melissa S/Hilty, Kevin M, Columbus Grove Bluffton Road (94.673 acres), Columbus Grove, $400,000

Miller, Sandra K Successor Trustee/Miller Living Trust to Latham, John P/Latham, Cynthia S, Lugabill Road (10.563 acres), Bluffton, $68,300


Contini, Brian A to 1951 Latham Avenue LLC, 2347 Western Ohio Ave., Lima, $68,000

Frysinger, C Dean Et Al/Private Selling Office Shaughn T Daily to Fischer, Cody R/Fischer, Kate, 2316 Adgate Road, Lima, $30,000

Hager, David W/Hager, Carol S to Hager, Dennis E/Hager, Linda J, 2085 W. Hume Road (3 acres), Cridersville, $172,900

Malmstrom, Julie F Trustee/Ann R Fassett Living Trust to Vastano, James M/Vastano, Susan M, 2622 Pine Shore Drive, Lima, $240,000

Riley, Deborah S/Riley, Stephen J to Moler, Dino D, 563 Keresan Trail, Lima, $485,000


Ball, Justin/Ball, April to Fenwick, Joshua, 12425 Allentown Road (1.763 acres and 0.232 acres), Spencerville, $125,000


Leffel, Clarissa D/Cisco, Clarissa Fka/Leffel, Chad R to Core, Shelby Lynn, 131 Primrose Place, Spencerville, $77,500

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Deeds `71`57`73

Mortgage `56`51`60

Land contracts `1`1`0

Releases `48`66`87

Uniform commercial code `2`0`2

Terminations `1`0`0

Miscellaneous `52`53`61

Military discharges `3`0`10

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