Land transfers, Dec. 12-18

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Deeds `83`71`59

Mortgage `37`71`75

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `49`103`83

Uniform commercial code `1`2`0

Terminations `1`0`0

Miscellaneous `31`45`54

Military discharges `5`3`2

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Dec. 12 through Dec. 18. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Christopher L. Clay and Brandy J. Clay to Colleen R. Dicken, 1017 Cornell Drive, Lima, $96,500.

Sarah Dunifon to Donna Pulfer, 509 Cornell Drive, Lima, $80,000.

Durelle Grant to Kashonda Barnett, 339 E. Eureka St., Lima, $1,000.

Dennis O. Hadsell and Evelyn Hadsell to Jack Albert Baker, 159 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $65,000.

Thomas K. Kroeger and Lori C. Kroeger to Robert H. Entinghe, 1724 W. High St., Lima, $78,500.

R.A. Flynn & Sons Inc. to Michael D. Deal and Cory M. Deal, 901 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $20,000.

Duane Reynolds II to G&SN Leasing LLC, 773 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $57,500.

Randall C. Richardson to Andrew A. Askins, 858 Runyan Ave., Lima, $74,000.

G.W. Williams and Darlene D. Williams to Alexander Rose, Alex Rose III, Bryant Rose and Anton Cowan, 643 E. Fourth St., Lima, $17,500.

Oscar Williams and Chanda Williams to Cory O. Bullock and Rachel E. Bullock, 452 S. Charles St., Lima, $119,000.

Stephen H. Winters and Karen L. Winters to Aundra L. Wilson Sr., 1421 N. Central Ave., Lima, $4,000.


Edwin D. Mikesell and Keri M. Mikesell to Zachary C. Mikesell and Bethany L. Mikesell, 1405 N. Conant Road (5.041 acres), Lima, $250,000.


A&A Properties Unlimited LLC to Jeffrey J.F. Brown and Andrea Arango-Brown, 178 Hartford Court, Lima, $55,900.

Nathan A. Chiles and Amber R. Chiles to Wyatt Eversole, 3159 Thorndyke Drive, Lima, $170,000.

Alex L. Conn and Denise Conn to Amber N. Tickle, 5213 East Road, Lima, $132,900.

David W. Good and Janet Good to Carl Pugin and Jennifer Pugin, 1582 Chancellor Drive, Lima, $32,000.

Sandra K. Hahn to Harold W. Hoover and Sheryl D. Hoover, 4187 Sunnydale St., Elida, $385,000.

Kenton Enterprises Inc. to Daxx Properties LLC, 1608 W. Robb Ave. and 1701 W. Robb Ave., $468,700.

James M. Schlotman and Diana E. Barbu to Nickoli Sackinger and Ashlynn N. Vieira, 1089 Buckskin Trail, Lima, $306,000.


Mariam Hope Sleight and Mark Sleight to Kim Pittenger, 5005 Bowdle Road, Harrod, $160,000.


Gary Bierly Enterprises Inc. to Timothy D. Hahn, Hadsell Road (0.608 acres), Lima, $12,000.

Robin M. Harpster to Michelle A. Schick, 3251 Danny Drive, Lima, $174,900.

Braden N. Schick and Michelle A. Schick to Justin N. Powell and Heather C. Powell, 5685 E. Bluelick Road, Lima, $281,500.

William E. Vermillion and Pamela J. Vermillion to Timothy B. Fedele Jr., 703 Ward Ave., Lima, $92,500.


Richard J. Boehr Company to FGHG LLC, 105 Vine St., Bluffton, $320,000.


Christine Renee Horstman and Jeremy Horstman to Inter-Faith Thrift Shop, 126 N. Main St., Delphos, $85,000.

Thomas E. Shanahan and Cheryl A. Shanahan to Le’Andra Wilson, 134 E. Suthoff St., Delphos, $75,500.


Joseph Limbert to Heather Lee, 312 Cherry Blossom Court, Elida, $205,000.


Kevin E. Waltz, Rebecca Waltz, Gary Waltz and Lisa Waltz to Cadie J. Hall and Aaron T. Hall, 3433 N. Pevee Road (2.501 acres), Harrod, $40,000.


Paul J. Sprague, Lvera V. Sprague, Rebecca Sarchet and James W. Sarchet to Jacob Mikesell, 7430 Davidson Road (2 acres), Delphos, $85,000.


Randall S. Bowers and Pamela G. Bowers to Norman Bailey and Priscilla C. Bailey, 6250 Ottawa Road (0.721 acres), Lima, $20,000.

Timothy B. Fedele to Joseph A. Stossel Jr. and Anna M. Stossel, 6255 Ottawa Road, Lima, $142,500.


Terry Handshoe to Gary L. Beerline and Bonnie J. Beerline, 4354 Bellefontaine Road, Lima, $35,000.

Patricia A. Hoover and Oron D. Hoover II, attorney in fact, to Cleaves Property Holdings LLC, 1380 E. Breese Road, Lima, $14,000.

Michelle R. Richards and Darrin Richards to Mark D. Hanson and Lynn M. Hanson, 5440 Hardin Highway (5.966 acres), Lima, $230,000.


Gregory A. Huss, trustee for Richard E. Huss and Betty J. Huss, to Greogry A. Huss, Hancock Road (3.974 acres), Bluffton, $15,000.


Janet M. Brown and Matthew J. Brown to Sarah Dunifon, 4411 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $110,000.

Superior Credit Union to Ryan P. Shafer and Justin D. Slone, 3576 Hiawatha Trail, Lima, $136,500.

U.S. Bank National Association to Abigail Purdy, 2069 Rose Ave., Lima, $6,900.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trustee trustee, and Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, attorney in fact, to Serenity Investment Properties Inc., 8 Mews Road, Lima, $82,000.


Virginia L. Jones, Penny J. Washam, James B. Washam and David C. Jones to Nancy E. Lee, 600 E. Fourth St., Spencerville, $44,000.


Wrestle Creek Holdings LLC to Kalie J. Tobin and Luca J. Krouskop, 313 S. Broadway St., Spencerville, $115,000.


Jordan L. Ammon and Anna Adkins to Austin C. Cain and Trina N. Current, 4105 W. Lincoln Highway, Gomer, $92,000.

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Deeds `83`71`59

Mortgage `37`71`75

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `49`103`83

Uniform commercial code `1`2`0

Terminations `1`0`0

Miscellaneous `31`45`54

Military discharges `5`3`2

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