Land transfers, Nov. 7-13

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Deeds `98`66`64

Mortgage `79`82`68

Land contracts `3`1`0

Releases `52`72`61

Uniform commercial code `1 `2`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `57`37`40

Military discharges `11`3`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Nov. 7 through Nov. 13. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


AMK Ventures LLC to Chad G. Rummel, 2240 Wales Ave., Lima, $89,900.

Randall D. Develbiss to Mark J. Develbiss, 1227 Brice Ave., Lima, $53,300.

Rhonda Henderson-Laidlaw, executor for Robert L. Henderson estate, to Rhonda Henderson-Laidlaw, 601 Atlantic Ave., 720 W. Eureka St., 724 W. Eureka St., Lima, $37,000.

Myrtle A. Johnson and Rufus C. Johnson to Carlton Thomas and Tequeta Thomas, 1222 Hughes Ave., 1226 Hughes Ave., 1232 Hughes Ave., 1312 S. Union St., Lima, $33,800.

Rhodes Investments LLC to Spring Street Senior Lofts LLC, 656 W. Spring St., Lima, $218,500.

James J. Riepenhoff and Regina Anne Riepenhoff to JPE Holdings LLC, 935 N. Main St., Lima, $16,000.

Darius L. Thomas to Marissa R. Ledezma, 684 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $65,000.

Charity Upshaw to Ralph Ash, 1001 Brice Ave. and 421 N. Charles St., Lima, $9,700.

Otis Williams to Ralph Ash, 830 Brice Ave., Lima, $44,200.

Curtis G. Yetman to Carla J. Yetman, 2207 Kunneke Ave., Lima, $70,000.


Dennis J. Fricke, Robert L. Fricke, Nancy Fricke and Bethany J. Fricke to J&A Legacy Investments LLC, 7777 Allentown Road, Lima, $55,000.


Arron J. Breithaupt and Megan J. Breithaupt to Auto-Owners Insurance Company, 5112 Surrey Lane, Lima, $248,500.

David L. Clark and Tanya K. Clark to 625 Properties LLC, 2990-2992 Lilly Drive, Lima, $150,000.

Brandon W. Depaoli and Julia A. Depaoli to Thomas R. Say and Mary A. Say, 3962 Chestnut Oak Trial, Lima, $290,000.

Brian A. Morgan and Kelly Morgan to Brandon D. Kerr and Jennifer Kerr, 3131 Kenyon Drive, Lima, $154,000.


Erin Cameron and Mark Cameron to Kayl Aller, 3015-3021 Johnson Road, Harrod, $15,000.


Daniel R. Harmon To Richard E. Lyle, 121 Kingsbury Court, Lima, $187,000.

Marjorie Ellen Joseph, Katherine Jane Joseph Knebel and Edward Knebel to Douglas M. Howe and Joan K. Howe, North Dixie Highway (88.64 acres), Lima, $375,000.

Richard Lyle to Clayton J. Shaw, 710 Vassar Ave, Lima, $115,000.

Dorothy Melvin to George O. Heise Jr., 1511 N. Adams St., Lima, $17,000.

Jeanne K. Oehler to Rodney D. McKinney and Marilyn A. McKinney, 3227 Danny Drive, Lima, $155,000.

Diana Prater et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Daniel Lamb, 921 Kingswood Drive, Lima, $111,000.

Rick L. Roeder and Shelly J. Roeder to Jean A. Johnson, 1212 McCullough St., Lima, $57,900.

Michael J. Uhlenhake to Daniel R. Harris, 3274 Berryhill Road (2.487 acres), Lima, $157,000.


Thomas L. Jettinghoff, Ashley R. Reynolds and Chad J. Reynolds to Ashley R. Reynolds and Chad J. Reynolds, 528 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $41,000.


Darin K. Rowe and Amie L. Rowe to Quinn A. High and Zachary C. Cozadd, 8955 Lafayette Road, Harrod, $32,000.


Harmony N. Brenneman to Brandon J. Zachrich, 6105 N. Defiance Trail (2.5 acres), Delphos, $134,900.

Brenden M. Mitchell and M. Danielle Mitchelle to Jeremy Joe Young and Christina Young, 7460 Elida Road (1.01 acres), $127,500.

Railroad Trust Fund Group and Clay W. Balyeat, successor trustee, to Thomas N. Knippen and Susan Knippen, Fort Jennings Road (0.031 acre), Delphos, $1,000.

Shawn Theobald and Lesley Theobald to Michael Todd Neely and Cortney Shaye Neely, 11090 Dutch Road (0.983 acre), Delphos, $280,000.

Ryan M. Wannemacher and Nicole M. Wannemacher to Richard N. Riling and Karen S. Kraft, 4444 Old Delphos Road, Lima, $193,000.


Joshua V. Schnipke and Kyra L. Schnipke to David L. Bormuth, 7747 Ramsey Road (5.006 acres), Lima, $135,000.


Marion Harmon to Timothy Fugatt, 314 E. 14th St., Lima, $1,000.


Railroad Trust Fund Group, Clay W. Balyeat, successor trustee, and Leslie S. Hetrick to Noah A. Hetrick, Snider Road (0.289 acres), Bluffton, $1,000.


Bubbahead LLC to Marta M. Mata, 2635 Adgate Road, Unit 1B, Lima, $225,000.

Curtis E. Edwards and Ruth A. Edwards to Rodney Bice, 3108 Yoakam Road, Lima, $160,000.

Timothy W. Placie, executor of William J. Placie estate, to John P. Sciranka and Brenda K. Sciranka, 1930 Frail Road (0.71 acres), Lima, $142,000.

Serenity Investment Properties Inc. to Donna Marie Davis, 1815 Lyn Grove Drive, Lima, $124,000.

Steven M. Wagner to Kimberly L. Kossanyi and Attila Kossanyi, 1411 Southwood Drive, Lima, $97,500.


Laverne Gales II and Janet A. Gales to Leanna M. Hirn and Chris W. Hirn, 319 S. Pearl St., Spencerville, $74,900.

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Deeds `98`66`64

Mortgage `79`82`68

Land contracts `3`1`0

Releases `52`72`61

Uniform commercial code `1 `2`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `57`37`40

Military discharges `11`3`1

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