Land transfers, Oct. 3-16

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the weeks running Oct. 3 through 16. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Bank of New York Mellon to Casandra Easterly, 812 Primrose Place, Lima, $30,100.

Rick Dean Brenneman to Matthew Hahn, 605 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $13,000.

Martha L. Dick to James J. Naylor, 1018 Cornell Drive, Lima, $84,900.

Home Opportunity LLC and manager Patrick Cardon to Chestnut EQ R6 LLC, 616 N. West St., Lima, $2,400.

Eddie K. Hullinger to Sherman Tripp and Karen Tripp, 516 Fuarot Ave., Lima, $9,000.

J Slone Enterprises LLC to Jomar Enterprises Inc., 118-118 1/2 Harrison, Lima, $22,500.

Charles Johnson Jr. and Ella L. Johnson to Moonriver Properties LLC, 807 Mackenzie Drive, Lima, $62,500.

Frederick W. Lawrence Jr. to Shaquoya J. Smith, 328 W. Kibby St., Lima, $1,000.

James E. Loughrin to Property Management Professionals LLC, 1107 N. Baxter St., Lima, $35,000.

Dale Metzger to Matthew Brown, 213 N. Jameson Ave., Lima, $40,000.

Richard Lee Miller to Billy Joe Hunter, 8 Superior Court, Lima, $17,700.

Jayesh K. Patel and Rekha J. Patel to Anthony E. Miroglio and Jill E. Miroglio, Lima, $32,000.

Diane S. Penn, James Penn, Karen Miller, Harry Miller, Brad E. Harrington and Patricia A. Harrington to Blass Holding LLC, Advanta IRA Services LLC and Bailey Joseph, 1102 N. Baxter St., Lima, $24,600.

Daniel A. Rupert and Jane M. Rupert to Joshua Bittner and Allison Bittner, 2825 Chapel Hill Drive, Lima, $197,000.

David Shimberg and Barbara Shimberg to Thomas Walker, Charles Lee and Lori Lee, 811 Dingedine Ave., Lima, $2,500.

Justin D. Slone to Jomar Enterprises Inc., 932-934 W. Elm St., Lima, $40,000.

Wendy M. Sprague et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Velma E. Hardy, 744 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $14,100.

Eric Green to Philip W. Kleman, 1001 Fairview Ave., Lima, $1,000.

Kyle J. Hall and Lisa Hall to David E. Spyker, 1321 Melrose St., Lima, $103,900.

Ronald E. A. Jones Sr. and Joe Jones, attorney in fact, to JNM Investments Ltd., 1650 N. Cole St., Lima, 56,100.

Philip W. Kleman and Elyse Kleman to Dianna L. Lucke, 570-570 1/2 Haller St., Lima, $1,000.

Jessica R. Markham and Joshua Markham to Eva Williams and Nathanial Chiles, 306 E. Vine St., Lima, $54,900.

Ruthy Mills to SLM Ohio Investments LLC, 443 E. Albert St., Lima, $16,000.

Kathleen Ann Noonan, Mary Ellen Bowdle and Mark Ryan Noonan to Douglas A. Kayser and Tiffany Kayser, 620 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $100,000.

Randall C. Richardson to Dave Forrest and Felicia Forrest, 1738 Leland Ave., Lima, $81,000.

Barry Ward Sr. to Eric Upthegrove, 828-828 1/2 E. Elm St., Lima, $1,200.

Monica I. Wellman to Diane King, 2019 W. High St., Lima, $56,500.


David I. Roeth and Annette M. Roerth to Defiance Trails Sustainable Solutions, 1033 S. St. Marys Road (35.42 acres) and Monfort Road (50 acres), Spencerville, $820,000.


Ad Lane LLC to Michael A. Staples, 226 Concept Drive, Lima, $138,000.

William H. Baker and William L. Baker, attorney in fact, to Benjamin J. Smith Sr., 5889 Poling Road (1.017 acres), Lima, $105,000.

Patricia A. Batis, Kelly McFarland and Gerald McFarland to Marjorie Bryan, 1840 Brookhaven Drive, Lima, $44,000.

Josh Bittner and Allison Bittner to Abby M. Morgan, 3773 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $190,000.

Brian Chancey and Julia Chancey to Samantha Alderman and Gregory Alderman, 2979 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $162,500.

Michael A. Staples to Devin Vanhise, 1275 N. Stevick Road (1.36 acres), Lima, $90,000.

Ernest J. Stawarski to Harold Wayne Bohyer, 3721 Malibu Drive, Lima, $210,000.

Jane E. Doty and Donald Doty to Garry Anthony, 1011 Logan Ave., Lima, $24,000.

David Foust and Kelly A. Foust to Tami S. Reed and Mark S. Reed, 2935 Koop Road, Lima, $149,000.

David W. Good and Janet Good to David Peters, 1566 Chancellor Drive, Lima, $32,000.

Richard M. Good, Leona Good and David L. Martin, attorney in fact, to David Peters, 5913 Timberstone Drive, Lima, $29,000.

Alexander A. Gresham to Lindsey L. Foust, Justin B. Foust and Rebecca L. Foust, 3678 Cherokee Drive, Lima, $204,900.

Northwest Enterprises Inc. to 2505 Elida Road LLC, 2505 Elida Road, Lima, $1,100,000.

Keith W. Stager and Julie Stager to Joshua D. Hilleary, 230 N. Stevick Road, Lima, $78,000.


Bruce A. Billings to Bruce A. Billings, Jeffery D. Deerhake and Lisa L. Livingston, 6400 Bellefontaine Road, Lima, $70,000.

Shanda Deann Foust Hibbard to Dierdre Michelle Morlock, 8200 Amherst Road, Waynesfield, $33,000.

Terry C. Shepherd, administrator for Ivory Shepherd estate, to Terry C. Shepherd, 6636-6644 Madden Road (1.173 acres), Lima, $9,000.


Martha A. Campbell to Dawne Anderson and Danny Black, Sugar Creek Road (7.067 acres), Lima, $33,000.

Steven Rex Clapper, Linda S. Clapper, Craig Allen Clapper, Janet L. Clapper, Mark Duane Clapper, Elizabeth A. Clapper and Jamie Lou Protsman, 239 Valley Way, Lima, $146,000.

Clint Harnishfager to Stephen F. Spieldenner, 2753 N. Dixie Highway (5.768 acres), Lima, $175,000.

Andrew T. Lewis to Christopher G. Volbert, 575 Monticello Ave., Unit 5, Lima, $77,900.

Ronald A. Roeder and Joyce M. Roeder to John Allen and Kerri Allen, Mirror Lake Drive, Lima, $2,000.

Scott L. Shutt and Terri L. Shutt to Joseph Ross and Crystal Ross, 827 Kingswood Drive, Lima, $234,900.

Gurcharn Singh to Sukhjinder Singh, 2600 Autumn Ridge Drive, Lima, $149,900.

Amanda Trempert and Chad Trempert to James A. Gaus and Joanne Heather Gaus, 770 Kingswood Drive, Lima, $250,000.

Edward W. Crist Sr. to Roger Reynolds, 1200 and 1206 McKinley Ave., Lima, $4,300.

Michael Cunningham and Bessie Cunningham to Brenda Balgobin, North Dixie Highway (1.096 acres), Lima, $16,200.

Martin L. Grace and Cheryl J. Grace to Joseph J. Labert, 2887 Hadsell Road (5 acres), Lima, $287,000.

Zachary Painter and Kaytlin Painter to Robert Shoemaker and Tia Shoemaker, 3194 Danny Drive, Lima, $162,000.

Hannah N. Slavin and Matthew Slavin to William E. Young and Rebecca J. Young, 841 Canyon Drive, Lima, $199,000.


Nichole Cupples Alexander and Then Bui to Jamie Lynn Erford, 240 N. Spring St., Bluffton, $52,000.

BSW Inc. to Sommer Rental LLC, 123 321 S. Jackson St., Bluffton, $98,000.

Keith McClintock and Kathy J. McClintock to David J. Morrison, 111 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $286,200.

Ethan D. Ring and Mary Ann Ring, attorney in fact, to William R. Deter and Joan A. Deter, 231 N. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $119,500.


Mark Scott Miller and Christine Marie Miller to Andrew D. Knueve and Amanda M. Knueve, 1331 Rose Anna St., Delphos, $350,000.

Douglas Ben Sanders to Hayley R. Jettinghoff, 430 E. Cleveland St., Delphos, $110,000.


Good Ole Boys Inc. to Ashlay Patterson, 105 Roger St., Lima, $102,000.


Terry Howard and Penny Howard to Johnathon Brinkman, 120 S. Walnut St., Harrod, $116,000.

Jonas L. Reffitt and Melissa Reffitt to Lucas M. Moening, 236 W. 5th St., Harrod, $79,000.


Superior Credit Union to Kevin Kennedy and Jody Kennedy, 107 N. High St., Lafayette, $25,000.


David W. Good and Janet M. Good to Eric M. Schweitzer, Cremean Road (0.2 acres), Lima, $4,000.

Robert A. Parsons to Buettner Family Grantor Trust, 7730 German Road (0.916 acres), Delphos, $40,000.

Clint J. Gable and Diane M. Gable to Slippery Fish LLC, Elida Road (8.106 acres), Delphos, $52,500.


D Henderson Properties LLC to Ryan D. Smith and Jennifer L. Smith, 9811 Ottawa Road (2.168 acres), Columbus Grove, $124,500.

Randall L. Basinger, Deborah A. Bollenbacher and Duane Bollenbacher to Jeffrey A. Althaus and Dianne J. Althaus, Bucher Road (36.535 acres), Columbus Grove, $314,300.


James R. Butler to Susan Stahler, 1550 Zeits Ave., 1809 Lennox Avenue,

Tamra Sue Satkowski, trustee of Opal E. Miller trust, 5605 Madden Road (6 acres), Lima, $165,000.

Jack Silverthorn and Jill L. Silverthorn to Jack L. Neal and Debra K. Neal, 2500 Greely Chapel Road (3.94 acres), Lima, $153,800.

Jill Silverthorn and John Silverthorn to Jack Neal and Debra Neal, 1661 Perry Chapel Road (9.205 acres), Lima, $197,000.


Steven M. Edwards and Lauren M. Edwards to David E. Schlunt, 10535 Shifferly Road, Bluffton, $154,500.


Bechtel Custom Homes Inc. to Corina Smith, 3327 Muirfield Place, Lima, $204,000.

Nicholas L. Huffman and Jordan Huffman to Shonda and Kirk Investments LLC, 5187 Agerter Road, Lima, $160,000.

Joel T. Nott and Chandra M. Nott to Rakesh Panchal and Soniya R. Panchal, 2928 Morning Sun Drive, Lima, $375,000.

Lana R. Slusher and Timothy L. Slusher to Phillip R. Stambaugh, 4175 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $196,400.

Cory L. Burris and Lindsay Burris to Jay J. Kim and Hazel H. Kim, 2895 Riverwalk Boulevard, Lima, $263,000.

John E. Carter and Loretta A. Carter to James M. Rex, 4137 Susan Lane, Lima, $99,900.

Glen B. Van Atta Jr., successor trustee of Sonya J. Van Atta, to Jaki Chowdhury, 121 Westfield Drive, Lima, $277,500.

Fred A. Lamb and Gina R. Lamb to Jonathan M. Martin and Laura R. Martin, 3512 Fort Amanda Road (1.5 acres), Lima, $113,000.

Jennifer A. Smith to Edward L. Sanford and Vickie L. Sanford, 3000 Tawa Drive, Lima, $132,000.

Steven A. Steed and Tamara J. Steed to Darryl A. Ward, 4040 Shawnee Road (1 acre), Lima, $178,300.


Wolford Farm LLC to Jerrold L. Wolford and Marcia A. Wolford, 14330 Hanley Road (5 acres), Spencerville, $59,500.


Barbara S. Denisco and Janice W. Nordquist to Joyce Grear, Sunset Avenue, Spencerville, $22,900.

F. Dow Wagner, executor for Lola F. Rockhold estate, to Quad R Investments LLC, 107 Primrose Place, Spencerville, $48,000.

Christine Birgg snad Dennis Mulholland, co-executors of Greta Faye Mulholland estate, to Michael C. Thompson and Adam R. Stemen, West Elm Street, Spencerville, $7,500.


Edward P. Kirk and Julie L. Kirk to Blake J. Neu and Sierra R. Neu, 2210 W. Lincoln Highway (2.461 acres), Lima, $170,000.

Dennis J. Renner and Martha J. Kaplan to Don J. Cressman and Rebecca J. Cressman, 4330 Stemen St., Lima, $32,800.

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